Vengeance is in the hands of the survivors in Episode 3 of Season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’


Well, all I want to start this review by saying:




Poor Bob. Not only was his leg cooked and devoured  by the Termites right before his eyes, it turns out that he was also suffering from a walker bite that occurred when he was pulled under the zombie stew in the food bank by a waterlogged zombie. I know a lot of us all saw this coming, as this was a part of the comic (except it didn’t happen to Bob in the comic. It was poor Dale). The differences between the characters actually had no impact on the feel of the scene. The pure horror and partial insanity conveyed by Bob was mirrored in the pictures from the comic.

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Ok, in my opinion, leaving Bob on the lawn outside of the church was a gigantic “kick me” sign for the Termites. I guess Gareth didn’t understand who they were messing with (what with Rick transmitting his inner bloody thirsty, vengeful savage side). The repercussions doled out by Rick, Abraham, Michonne, and Sasha were terrifying and just. Rick made good on his promise to kill Gareth with the red-handled machete and the others met a savage ends.

This entire season was pretty much dedicated to ending the story of the termites, and Walking-Dead-503-Promise-KeepersKirkman and crew did it in a messy, bloody way. What do you all think about the final slaughter being conducted in a church and Maggie’s statement that a church is nothing but 4 walls and a roof?

I don’t know if it is just me, but there could be several messages present in this entire episode. One prevalent theme to me is that hope is dead and there is nothing sacred anymore. The fall of structure and order has created an atmosphere of chaos and despair. Rick may even be acting in such a manner as to almost be both judge and jury along with the executioner. We saw this in the season premiere when Rick wanted to return to Terminus to kill everyone.

960x540The more I think about it, the greater argument that I could put together in favor of Rick moving over into a god complex type of character. Vengeance is mine and all that. What do you think? Are we going to see the development of a darker, more dangerous Rick? Or do you think we might see a turn away from the path documented in the comic and move into a new timeline?

I love the fact that the show does not follow the comic word for word. The way the show touches specific high points and then ventures away to develop characters, introduce new characters, and changes the fate of others creates a more fully developed story that is even more engaging than the comic. That would probably be why more people are watching the show than watching Sunday night football.

It was also nice to see a return of Daryl at the very end. From the preview for next week’s episode, it is evident that we will be seeing how Daryl, Carol, and Beth come together and who makes it back to the church in one piece?

As a closing, let’s say a final farewell to the two main deaths that occurred in this episode. Farewell to you, Bob and Gareth. The preview for next Sunday’s episode is below as well.


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