‘Game of Thrones’: Survive the Realm was an interactive and absolutely brilliant trip into the ‘Game of Thrones’ universe

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One of the most talked about off-site events of San Diego Comic Con was the Game of Thrones: Survive the Realm experience. In summary, the event was a brilliant trip into the Game of Thrones world, featuring multiple unique and interactive exhibits, dozens of costumes from the show, and the Iron Throne itself. The Lytherus team [...]

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Fresh off the Slab Horror News August 29, 2014: ‘State of Decay’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘American Horror Story: Freakshow’, and ‘Bottom of the World’


I have some great news for all of you horror fans. Fresh off the Slab is seeing a little bit of a change. Rather than only being a summary of horror movie news, it is now mutating into an all encompassing horror news roundup where you will be able to find horror news related to movies, [...]

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Lytherus’ thirteen favorite moments of ‘The Legend of Korra: Book Three’

korra avatar badass 2

  The third season of The Legend of Korra just ended on friday, and it was by far the best season of the show. There were so many amazing things revealed in this book: new characters, new powers, new plot twists.  The season still offered everything Korra fans love about the show though, from Lin’s snark to Bolin’s comic relief. [...]

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First clip from the Soska sister’s ‘See No Evil 2′ released


I am unabashedly a huge fan of the Soska Sisters and their films. From Dead Hooker in the Trunk to American Mary, I have enjoyed what they bring to the screen and to horror genre. . When the Soska sisters announced that they were taking on See No Evil 2, I had the highest belief that they would bring something [...]

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Fresh off the Slab Horror movie news August 17, 2014: ‘Open Window’, ‘Chimeres’, and ‘Ragnorok’


More horror movie news is coming your way! Take a peek below! Open Window A new trailer has been released for Nacho Vigalondo’s Open Window which stars Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey. The movie is scheduled to be released on VOD and in theaters on September 29th. You can see the synopsis and trailer below. Elijah Wood stars [...]

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The resurrection of ‘Silent Hill’ is nigh!


It is finally happening. Another installment in the Silent Hill series of horror video games is approaching. Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and movie director Guillermo del Toro have teamed up to bring us a new entry that I am hoping is more terrifying than all of the previous games (I have to admit, Silent Hill games have always creeped [...]

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‘Arise’, the 3rd installment in the Arson series, brings us down a dark path


If you have watched my articles, you’ll know that over the past few years I have been a fan of Estevan Vega and his writing. It’s been an amazing trip to watch how Vega’s writing has grown and improved and also to watch his characters grow. Well, before I get too far into reviewing, let’s take [...]

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SDCC14: What’s Hot in YA? The best of the best YA authors tell us in this amazing book panel

Part of the YA panel L to R: Cole, Bransford, Garcia, and Gratton

The final book panel of San Diego Comic Con was What’s Hot in YA. Here at Lytherus we love all sorts of fantasy and scifi, but we do often feature YA, so this was a panel we didn’t want to miss. Rightly so, too, as the lineup of authors was absolutely insane: Kresley Cole (The Arcana [...]

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SDCC14: Rulers of the Realm win at a most epic fantasy book panel

L to R: Abercrombie, Grossman, Gabaldon, Martin, Rothfuss

The second epic fantasy book panel Lytherus attended at San Diego Comic Con this year was titled Rulers of the Realm. This was the panel for fantasy book fandoms, to be sure!  The all-star lineup consisted of Joe Abercrombie (Half a King), Lev Grossman (Magicians Trilogy), Diana Gabaldon (Outlander), George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones), and [...]

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SDCC14: Fantastic women write about Fantastic Females in this excellent book panel


  When a panel has Fantastic Females in the title it’s expected it will be good. Really good. And it did not disappoint. MC’ed by Chris Marie Green (Only the Good Die Young) the stellar panel consisted of Deborah Harkness (The All Souls Trilogy), Marjorie Liu (Labyrinth of Stars), CJ Harper, who is made up of [...]

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