New Super Bowl trailer for ‘World War Z’ hits before the big game


world-war-z1It’s no secret that World War Z has been marred by production problems, recently earning itself a release date delay and upsetting fans of the book who say the film adaptation strays too far from author Max Brooks’ original story. However, the studio behind World War Z has continued with full steam ahead, hoping to come out of its re-writes, production delays, and release date delay with a strong zombie action thriller, taking advantage of the current hunger for anything zombies.

The new 30 second trailer quickly show’s the world’s decay as the zombie epidemic begins, from car accidents to plane crashes and mass hysteria, leading to one of the largest wall-climbing pile of bodies we’ve ever seen! You can view the trailer now ahead of the Super Bowl:

Will you be seeing World War Z when it hits theaters on June 21st?


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