Wonder Woman Gets Snubbed Again — Dropped by NBC


As comic book characters hit screens around the world at amazing rates (everyone considered from the big leagues of Batman all the way down to good ol’ Antman) one character repeatedly gets the cold shoulder.

After pre-screenings of the pilot and mixed reviews, NBC decided to drop all plans of airing the new Wonder Woman TV series. According to Deadline.com:

“It was a conceptual thing,” another insider said. “Do we need a comic book hero?” While superheroes they have done gangbusters on the big screen, there haven’t been successful recent comic book-based TV series except for the teen angst-filled Smallville, which was not a straight adaptation of the Superman comics but rather an original prequel. Maybe that’s why there was ambivalence in the marketplace when Kelley’s Wonder Woman spec was first taken out in early January. There were no takers until Bob Greenblatt started at NBC and picked it up to pilot…

Perhaps it was that it was too “you go girl” with its modern woman holding down her business woman and superhero sides of herself like a pro, yet still having the occasional man problem. Maybe it was that other superhero shows haven’t been doing too well. Take into consideration “No Ordinary Family” and “The Cape.”

So what does this mean for other Comic Book TV shows? Well Fox has also dropped Locke and Key after screening the pilot. ABC has yet to cancel Hulk, but we’ll see how long that lasts.


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