X-Men Regenesis – Let the Team Reveals Continue … UPDATES!

blue 1

Yesterday, we discussed the X-men divide for both titles and team members as they are currently, slowly, being revealed. Today, Marvel released another update, this time for the Wolverine side of the schism:         As you can see, Deadpool will be a card-carrying X-Force member. Wolverine and the X-men have gained Iceman. And X-Factor [...]

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X-Men: Regenesis – Let the Team Reveals Begin! *SPOILERS*

gold team 2

Gold or Blue? Have you chosen yet? So far, we pretty much know the titles we are working with, a gold and blue team (just like the good ‘ol days). We have Wolverine’s Gold team which will include the following titles and (thus far) characters:     And then we have Cyclop’s Blue team, for which [...]

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Possible X-Men: First Class Sequel In The Works?


X-Men: First Class was definitely pretty well-received critically, however, it was not nearly financially successful as the previous X-Men.  In fact, the domestic gross didn’t even make the production budget back, which isn’t always good news when there is rumor of a part 2. That being said, let’s look at the big question: Will there be [...]

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Comic-Con: Three New Awesome Game Trailers Shown!


This year at the San Diego Comic-Con we were given the pleasure of seeing trailers for Spiderman: Edge of Time, X-Men: Destiny and Prototype 2.  All three were equally awesome. Let’s take a look at Spiderman: Edge of Time first: This time, Spiderman has to fight alongside his 2099 counterpart against both time and space.  Gamers [...]

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Iron Man Anime English Dub Trailer

iron man

Marvel began streaming an English-dubbed clip from MADHOUSE’s Iron Man anime. The anime is going to premiere in the United States on July 29, on the G4 channel. It’s going to run at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT along with MADHOUSE’s Wolverine series. In the series, Tony Stark goes to Japan to build them a new arc reactor [...]

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TCR: X-Men Prelude to Schism #1-3 Pomises an Exciting Comic Event, Despite Over-used Characters


Marvel has thus far published three of its four X-Men: Prelude to Schism issues. They are all happening at relatively the same time and to the same characters. These introspective issues are focused on the primary mutant community decision makers as they sit, reflect upon their pasts, and wait for a decision from Cyclops as to [...]

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James Mangold Is To Direct “Wolverine” Sequel


It seems that the sequel to the  X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) has finally found its director in  James Mangold, after Darren Aronofsky left the project in March. Scripted by Christopher McQuarrie, The Wolverine takes place mostly in Japan. Mangold most recently directed the Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz starrer Knight and Day for Fox, and before that 3:10 [...]

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Marvel to End Uncanny X-Men in October

uncanny final cover

“After a mutant-triggered international incident, anti-mutant hatred hits new heights,” – Marvel.com. An internal war is brewing in the corps of the X-Men (they just don’t really know it yet). The upcoming event, Schism, is set to end more than just the sometimes-fragile bond between alpha males and constant competitors Wolverine and Cyclops. Schism is going [...]

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Many New X-Men: First Class High-Def Stills Hit the Web!


Nearly forty high-def pictures from the upcoming X-Men franchise release, X-Men: First Class, have hit the web and we’ve selected the best of the bunch for you to enjoy. We left out several photos that have been seen before either through prominent exposure in trailers or as already-released stills on the web. The new photos show [...]

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“X-Men: First Class” Character Trailers Offer Looks at Banshee, Havoc, Beast, Mystique


X-Men: First Class has been pretty hit-and-miss with fans since the film was first announced. Its heavily airbrushed and Photoshop’d promotional posters have come under heavy fire and its past trailers have been relatively lackluster. However, Fox has recently begun releasing character-driven trailers for the upcoming flick, which showcase individual characters from the movie. The first [...]

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