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A Year of Heroes, Aliens, and Time Travel: Hayden’s Top 5 Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Films of 2012

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2012 was a strong year for movies. Many people flocked to their local theater to see Hulk beat Loki to a pulp, to watch Jamie Foxx’s Django shoot up a plantation, or watch Abraham Lincoln inspire a country to rise up against slavery. Put simply, it was a damn good year to be a moviegoer. Below [...]

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Francis Lawrence Officially Brought on as Director of “Catching Fire”

"I Am Legend" Tokyo Premiere - Press Conference

Director Gary Ross is no more in The Hunger Games movie franchise. It’s been said for a little while that he was no longer on the project, and it’s confirmed that he’s officially been replaced by Lionsgate with director Francis Lawrence. What does this mean for the second movie in The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire? Well, Lawrence [...]

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Three all new Hunger Games clips to feast your eyes on prior to tonight’s midnight release!


The Hunger Games’ most recent promotional website, — a virtual tour through various film locations in the movie’s Capitol — has proven to be even more interesting after fans discovered hidden “Easter eggs” in the game, each of which revealed previously-unseen clips from the film! The three clips vary in content and offer glimpses at [...]

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Early Hunger Games reviews indicate the movie will be a massive hit — and we have the round-up!


With the first film in the Hunger Games franchise hitting theaters this Friday, we felt it important to take a look at some of the incredible film reviews pouring in from all around the web! So far, with over fifty reviews tallied, Rotten Tomatoes is giving the film an astonishing 92% — a category coveted by [...]

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Get ready for “The Hunger Games” with our movie clip round-up!


The Hunger Games theatrical release is only just around the corner, and what better of a way to prepare to see the first film in the upcoming franchise than by watching a series of officially-released movie clips! The five clips show various glimpses at the Hunger Games characters and aspects of Panem, as well as looks [...]

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HUNGER GAMES Overload! New Scene Release, Advanced Screenings, and Q&A Opportunity


With the anticipation for The Hunger Games movie (released on March 23rd) growing by the day lots of cool news is coming to the surface to help build up to the release. First up are the preview screenings! Multiple cities are hosting an advanced screening of the movie on March 21st. The openings for preview tickets in [...]

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Check out the latest gorgeous Hunger Games poster!


Two more months until the Hunger Games finally comes to the theater on March 23. Thank goodness they give us these little tidbits to hold us all over. Check out the latest theatrical poster from Lionsgate Entertainment. [...]

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New “Hunger Games” photo shows Katniss, Effie, and Haymitch


Thanks to Hunger Games fansite, we now have a new look at three of the Hunger Games book and movie’s biggest characters: Katniss, Effie, and Haymitch! The photo clearly shows the trio dressed up and ready to go, with the exception of Haymitch, who appears to have had a few too many drinks. Effie is [...]

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Official “The World of Hunger Games” companion guide is given a cover, more information released


Scholastic, the publisher behind the upcoming “World of Hunger Games” book, has officially released a book cover and information on its contents and Susanne Collins’ involvement in a new post on their blog. The book is described as “the official, richly illustrated, full-color guide to all the districts of Panem, all of the participants in The [...]

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Incredible Theatrical Poster Revealed for “Hunger Games” Following Massive Online Puzzle-quest


We love that Lionsgate never shies away from fun and clever ways of revealing major Hunger Games pictures and videos — the studio is at it again, this time revealing an incredible theatrical trailer for the upcoming film by asking fans to collect 100 puzzle pieces, combining them to create and reveal a new Hunger Games [...]

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