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Holiday Recommendations: A Summary


Over the past week and a half, our diligent team of recommend-a-trons have compiled five individual lists of the best fantasy, scifi, and horror products on shelves for the 2010 holiday season. Whether you’re looking to spoil yourself or a friend, our guides are the perfect solution for those stumped for ideas. The best part? The [...]

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Holiday Recommendations: TV Shows


Good fantasy and scifi TV can be hard to come by. Many are cheesy and few are original. However, we’ve dug out the best of the best in our Lytherus Recommends holiday guide for fantasy, scifi, and horror TV shows! We’ve only recommended our favorite TV shows that are already available on DVD, so sorry The [...]

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Holiday Recommendations: Movies


Holiday shopping is painful enough without the added worry of sorting through thousands of fantasy, scifi, and horror movie titles to gift out over the holiday season. The staff at Lytherus want to make your holiday shopping just a tad bit easier; whether shopping for yourself or for a friend, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of [...]

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Holiday Recommendations: Books


Lytherus’s most trusted book sleuths have composed the ultimate holiday guide to fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels on the shelves this season! Our list contains such gems as The Hunger Games trilogy and Percy Jackson, as well as obscure-but-fantastic reads such as The Abhorsen Trilogy and Bran Hambric. You surely can’t go wrong with these [...]

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Holiday Recommendations: Video Games


Gamers can be fickle. Buy the wrong game and they may feel obligated to endure hours of suffering to show you that they loved your gift — even when they didn’t. Fortunately Lytherus is here to save both you, the gifter, and your giftee from giving and receiving the wrong video game gifts for the holidays! [...]

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Holiday Recommendations: Comics and Graphic Novels


With the holidays just around the corner, the staff of Lytherus have compiled the ultimate holiday shopping guide to have at your side as you set out to buy for your favorite comics and graphic novel fan. Whether new to comics or a hardened veteran, gift-givers will find many gems within our guide, including comic suggestions [...]

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