Lytherus is Hiring!

Lytherus is currently looking to add skilled writers and avid fans of all things fantasy, scifi, and horror to our diverse and growing team of talented bloggers. If you feel as though your passion for the genres we cover and skills as a writer would provide a unique addition to the Lytherus team, please continue reading as we’d love to hear from you!

These are unpaid positions, however Lytherus writers do enjoy a wide range of benefits and perks, including free advance preview content (early copies of books, comics, movies, etc.) as well as invitations to exclusive industry events (including conventions, premieres, launch parties, and more). In addition, our writers are regularly offered interview opportunities for key individuals throughout the industries we’re active in.

We’re hiring for all sections (books, movies, television, video games, anime/manga) and are also in search of a social media manager, WordPress programmer, and copy editor/proofreader. We’re currently looking to fill the following positions:



Lytherus has an exceptional offering of young adult reviews and interviews, however is looking to expand our horizons by offering additional coverage. We are looking to fill the following roles:

  • Book news writer – Regularly follow and report on book news on a daily basis
  • Book section, original content writer – Frequently read and review books and/or write original editorials (ex: “Five books that you’ll enjoy if you loved Ender’s Game”)

Potential perks include: Lytherus has a vast and ever-growing collection of advanced reader copies of books distributed amongst our staff. Book writers are able to select any book of their choosing to read, for free, months before the book releases. Writers are also regularly offered interview opportunities and receive invitations to attend industry events as press (signings, launch events, conventions, etc.).

*See bottom of page for details on applying



Lytherus excels in its reviews of the latest box-office hits. However, our team is in dire need of a writer who is able to focus on regular news coverage. This will mean following the latest breaking news and posting on a regular basis (often times multiple posts per day). Any potential writer must have free time between “9 to 5” to post news as it hits:

  • Movie news rockstar – Do you regularly follow movie industry news? Does your passion drive you to want to contribute and report your own news? This writer would be required to post news as it happens, multiple times per day.
  • Movie section, original content writer – Are you passionate about writing about your movie passions? Enjoy making list posts (ex: “Ten things they got wrong with the new Percy Jackson movie”)? This writer would be asked to write one to three editorials per week.

Potential perks include: Access to movie events, including premieres and press junkets, as well as invitations to big industry conventions as press and advanced screenings of films.

*See bottom of page for details on applying



Television coverage on Lytherus is in dire need of new writers. We are looking to fill various roles, including:

  • Television news writer – Regularly follow, understand, break, and report TV news (also includes industry interview opportunities)
  • Television original content writer – Regularly review shows and contribute opinions and ideas through editorials and list posts (ex: “Five shows you’d enjoy if you love Once Upon a Time”, “Guide to 2013 Fall TV”)

Potential perks include: Access to show creators and cast members for interview opportunities, as well as invitation to media events (pre-screenings, press junkets, set tours) and industry conventions.

 *See bottom of page for details on applying



The world of anime and manga is vast and complex, and we are looking to add new writers to our team to extend our reach:

  • Anime news writer – We are in need of a writer who focuses on coverage of anime news as it happens. Do you regularly follow anime news? Are you able to differentiate between information and news-worthy posts? Are you able to post news you’ve found or break on a regular basis?

Potential perks include: Advanced anime and manga materials, which include review DVDs and early review copies of manga publications, as well as invitations to anime and manga industry events and conventions as press.

 *See bottom of page for details on applying



No one is perfect! We’re looking for an individual skilled with the English language who enjoys reading, proof reading, and copy editing other people’s work. You would be tasked with reading through news posts, reviews, and editorials written by our writers to ensure that their writing and formatting is top-notch. Additionally, if you’re a book fan, you’ll have access to our library of advanced reader copies of books months before they release!

Application requirements for this position are different from those below. Please email us at if you are interested in the position!



Social media has grown to play a central role in the way websites operate on the web. We’re looking for someone proficient with social media to manage our Facebook and Twitter accounts, interact with users, and monitor conversations. We’re also looking for an individual willing to launch and maintain our Tumblr page.

If you enjoy interacting with your favorite authors, celebrities, and web personalities online, as well as sharing your favorite GIFs, stories, and experiences on Tumblr, this job is for you!

Application requirements for this position are different from those below. Please email us at if you are interested in the position!



Lytherus runs on a custom-tweaked WordPress install, using dozens of the latest plugins and a custom theme. We’re looking for an individual willing to dedicate several hours per week to helping to tweak and manage the current WordPress install. Responsibilities would include theme changes (no design experience required), plugin creation, and more.

If you have any experience with web programming or WordPress and are interested in supporting the Lytherus Network (including with your skills, please apply!

Application requirements for this position are different from those below. Please email us at if you are interested in the position!





  • Be passionate about fantasy and scifi
  • You must be able to contribute to the website on a regular basis
    • News writers will be required to contribute daily
    • Original content creators will be asked to contribute several times per week
  • Passion for sharing news and reviews with like-minded individuals and the ability to discover news and new content on your own
  • Habit of browsing your favorite news resources and blogs for news, reviews, and discussions on a regular basis
  • You must be a skilled and proficient writer

Bonuses (not required but definitely appreciated):

  • Experience blogging and reviewing for other websites (not necessarily of the same types or genres)
  • Experience working within the industries that we cover (examples: publishing industry, movie production, game development, etc)
  • Experience with WordPress, a blogging platform
  • Currently attending or have graduated school for writing, journalism, etc.

If interested in applying, please send an email to containing the following:

  • Please tell us a bit about yourself! (Be sure to include your age and country)
  • Which specific role(s) are you looking to fill?
  • How regularly will you be able to contribute to Lytherus?
  • Any past experience with writing, blogging, etc. that would be relevant to your work on Lytherus
  • A sample piece of writing – preferably an editorial or review (something you’d see on Lytherus)
  • Briefly explain why you wish to write for Lytherus and what you feel sets you apart from other writers

Thanks for your time! We look forward to hearing from you.