Fresh off the Slab Horror News September 26, 2014: ‘Patient Zero’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Dracula Untold’, and more!


Oh, the season is approaching. It’s almost time for all of the creepy crawlies to be released upon the streets. Halloween is an awesome day. In the spirit of all things horror, take a peek at this week’s roll out of casting news and featurettes! Enjoy! Patient Zero It’s looking like there is a lot of [...]

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Lytherus’ guide to Fall 2014’s new fantasy and scifi TV shows


Although the list is a bit shorter than the Fall 2013 television season preview list we released last year, some great new fantasy and science fiction shows are hitting the airwaves this Fall or during the 2014/2015 Midseason! It is curious that most of these shows fall under the science fiction category, but we all know [...]

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[Review] ‘The Maze Runner': A healthy mix of fun and a worthwhile expenditure of time and money


Thomas (played by the capable Dylan O’Brien) has no clue where he is. He wakes up in a rapidly-ascending elevator to God-knows-where, and he spends half of the ride unconscious and the other half retching through the crosshatched metal of the elevator. When the elevator finally rattles to a halt and light (not the good kind) [...]

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Fresh off the Slab Horror News: ‘American Horror Story’, ‘The Walking Dead’, and ‘Annabelle’


Check out all of the horror goodies below! Horror news runs from movies to television and so much more! American Horror Story: Freak Show Another teaser clip has been released for the next season of what looks like the creepiest season of American Horror Story. I think adding so many creepy ass clowns to the trailers is [...]

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Win the ultimate ‘Maze Runner Book Box’ containing FIVE books as we celebrate the release of ‘The Maze Runner’ movie!

maze runner

The film adaptation of James Dashner’s wildly-successful The Maze Runner book, the first in his three book series, is set to hit theaters nation-wide tonight – Thursday, September 17th! To celebrate, we’re giving away one Maze Runner Book Box filled with all three books from the trilogy (including a movie tie-in edition), the series’ prequel, and [...]

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What’s a bigger threat than the undead? Find out in Christine Dougherty’s ‘The Boat’


Zombie fiction comes in many many forms. Too often, these types can miss the mark or importance of the apocalypse that surrounds a zombie uprising. Zombies represent an end to all order, all established norms. It is the end of the civilized world and the end of establishment. Christine Dougherty does acknowledge this, and then adds [...]

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While not horror, ‘Monsters & Mysteries’ reminds me why the supernatural is horror


Usually for me, there is a huge difference between horror media and the supernatural. Especially television shows about the supernatural. While I do believe in the supernatural, I have a really hard time believing some of the shows that hunt for ghosts or creatures. Don’t get me wrong. I can sit for hours and watch marathons [...]

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What horror filled shows will be on your TV screen in the next few months?


I thought it would be interesting to see (and write about) what shows are all coming our way this fall. With The Walking Dead jumping into my head first, what other shows will be filling our evenings? I believe we are experiencing a television trend that has never enjoyed such prevalence: a plethora of horror TV series. American Horror [...]

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Agent Peggy Carter will have an earlier introduction


Although her series will only start in January 2015, ABC has announced Agent Carter will make an appearance on the first Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode. Hayley Atwell (The Pillars of the Earth) will reprise her role as a way to introduce the new series and connect the two Marvel shows, since Agent Carter will take Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s place during [...]

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Lytherus Exclusive Interview: Liz Morgan, star of ‘The Remaining’ speaks out on horror

unnamed (1)

Casey La Scala’s The Remaining is being released in theaters on September 5th, and Lytherus has been given the opportunity to interview on of the stars of the film, Liz Morgan. Check out her bio and then jump to the interview! Liz E. Morgan (Sam) – was born on August 30, 1996 in Boston, Massachusetts to parents Jeanne DePasquale [...]

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