Seeker is a perfect balance of fantasy, scifi, and heart.


Today marks the release of Seeker, the first book in a trilogy from Arwen Elys Dayton. This fantasy-scifi mash-up is part adventure, part coming of age story, and is one of the coolest, most unique stories we’ve read in a long time. This book is getting a lot of buzz, has a large first printing, and has already [...]

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Episode 9 puts us in a dark place


The Walking Dead is back after the mid-season break and I, for one, am so happy that it has finally returned. For a line by line summary of the show, you can find it here. [SPOILERS AHEAD] This was one of the craziest, visceral intros I have ever watched. The mixtures of sorry, burial, shoveling, life, grief, [...]

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New book releases, week of February 3rd: Anthology week!


Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy: Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen Sarah has always been on the move. Her mother hates the cold, so every few months her parents pack their bags and drag her off after the sun. She’s grown up lonely and longing for magic. She doesn’t know that it’s magic her parents are running [...]

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Lytherus Book Club: Interview with Morgan Rhodes and international book giveaway!

Book Club header

  Thanks for joining us on our inaugural month for the Lytherus book club! We hope you enjoyed reading along with us as we tackled Morgan Rhodes’s Falling Kingdoms series. These books are some of the best high fantasy we’ve read in a while, and if you love politics, intrigue, romance, and magic, these are definitely books you [...]

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Lytherus Book Club: February- Maplecroft by Cherie Priest

book club header feb

We’re so excited for the February book selection for the Lytherus Book Club: Maplecroft by Cherie Priest! We’ve been a fan of Cherie’s since Boneshaker, and this new book is creepy and fabulous! We’ll be reviewing the book this month, and we want you to read along with us! We’ll break the book into two parts: February 15th: beginning to [...]

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Lytherus Book Club: Gathering Darkness review

gathering darkness

Time for the review of Morgan Rhodes’s third Falling Kingdoms book, Gathering Darkness. I adore this series, and each one keeps getting better than the last. Less deaths in this one, but so much happens that’s absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to see where the story goes! Here’s the official blurb: War brought them together. Love will tear them apart.Alliances [...]

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Lytherus Book Club: Rebel Spring review

rebel spring

Alright, let’s delve into book two in the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes, Rebel Spring. This book picks right up where book one left off, and is just as complicated, wonderful and intense as the last one was. REMEMBER, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS in my review, as I’m assuming you’ve read this along with us. Here’s the official [...]

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New book releases, week of January 27th: Lunar Chronicles, Bone Season, and Shadow Ops


Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy: Chaos by Lanie Bross Can they change their destiny? The sequel to FATES. They kissed only once—and it was electric, like the air before a storm. But Corinthe, a Fate from another world, and Lucas, a teenage boy from California, broke the rules of the universe, and learned too late [...]

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The Mime Order (The Bone Season) by Samantha Shannon out today!

the mimie order

The Mime Order, the sequel to the bestsellfing The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon, is out today! The first book was hugely popular, being called the next Harry Potter and Hunger Games, and it hit a bunch of the bestseller lists. Book two in this seven-book series stands to follow in the footsteps of its already famous predecessor. What’s it about? [...]

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Lytherus Book Club: Falling Kingdoms review

Book Club header

Hi all! Playing catch-up. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been seriously sick. But I’m excited to have some amazing summaries of these books by the end of the month and to feature our exclusive interview with author Morgan Rhodes! Since this is our inaugural month for the book club I’m still working on getting out some [...]

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