Filming has Begun on ENDER’S GAME — First Photo Revealed!


It has begun. Filming for Ender’s Game has started, and the producers of the film have made a tumblr account to showcase various behind-the-scene things from the filming process. The first photo from the set (of Ender’s chair) was revealed, and though it isn’t much, it’s a beginning of what is hopefully something amazing. Follow the [...]

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Excerpt from Veronica Roth’s DIVERGENT Sequel INSURGENT!


Insurgent, Veronica Roth’s highly anticipated sequel to her New York Times best-selling Divergent is releasing on May 1st. To hold fans over, an excerpt of the first 26 pages was just released on the Insurgent facebook page. Click here to head over and check it out. You dont have to ‘like’ the page to read, but [...]

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Trailer for Stephenie Meyer’s THE HOST Released


Stephenie Meyer is cleaning up after all five of the books she’s written have been or are in the process of being turned into films. The last to be added to this list is her sci-fi body-snatcher book The Host. The movie is still in production, but a teaser trailer was recently released. Though it doesn’t really [...]

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May the Odds be Ever In This Movie’s Favor: Lytherus takes on THE HUNGER GAMES in a Dual Review


Hunger Games fans, the wait is over. Today marks the release of the first film in this book-to-movie franchise, and two of our reviewers were there to see it and report back. We cover all aspects, as Lauren has read the books and Kelly has not. The overall report? Loved it! Read the reviews below for [...]

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Following Michael Bay’s comments, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator chimes in on controversy


We’ve posted twice now documenting the internet drama behind Michael Bay’s controversial treatment of sacred Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles core origins plot, and his even more controversial response. Since these posts went live, several individuals tied to the franchise in the past (voice actors, for the most part) have surfaced on both sides of the issue. [...]

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Avatar: Legend of Korra finally gets a release date… and the first two episodes will debut online this weekend!


An exclusive trailer for Avatar: The Legend of Korra recently debuted on The Wall Street Journal (of all places), bringing with it the official release date for the upcoming spin-off to the wildly successful Nickelodeon show, Avatar: The Last Airbender! The big date: April 14th, 2012. The day is finally almost here! Check out the trailer: [...]

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Three all new Hunger Games clips to feast your eyes on prior to tonight’s midnight release!


The Hunger Games’ most recent promotional website, — a virtual tour through various film locations in the movie’s Capitol — has proven to be even more interesting after fans discovered hidden “Easter eggs” in the game, each of which revealed previously-unseen clips from the film! The three clips vary in content and offer glimpses at [...]

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New Book Releases, Week of March 18, 2012


Here’s a list of this week’s new scifi, fantasty and horror books. Click on the title to see the cover. Released Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Born to Darkness, by Suzanne Brockmann As the New York Times bestselling author of the Troubleshooters series and a “superstar of romantic suspense” (USA Today), Suzanne Brockmann has an acclaimed history [...]

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The Walking Dead Season Two is a Shambling Study of Human Nature and…well, Zombies


I would like to start out this article by saying WARNING!! POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT! This article and the summary of each episode of The Walking Dead may contain spoilers for episodes you may not have seen yet or spoilers for the finale. Please do not read if you want the series to be a surprise to [...]

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Supernatural: “Out With The Old”

Supernatural returned last Friday with “Out With The Old”, which had a mix of gruesome and hilarious in it, a development in the leviathan arc, and a cliffhanger to top it all off. All I can say is, who would have thought that Dean likes Black Swan? The episode starts innocently enough – with a ballerina [...]

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