Supernatural: “The Born-Again Identity”

Spoilers Ahead Last Friday, one of the most burning questions of season 7 was finally resolved in “The Born-Again Identity”, as we learned what really happened to Castiel and if he did die or not. Another familiar character made an unexpected appearance as well, providing a nice continuity. Sam is completely unable to control his hallucinations [...]

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Estevan Vega’s Newest Book The Forsaken Available on Amazon Kindle for FREE!


A few months ago, I posted a review of Estevan Vega’s book Arson as well as an interview with the author. Vega creates extremely engaging characters who are placed in shocking, sometimes gruesome, situations which feel so real, so identifiable. This realistic feel is what sets his work apart from other authors. It is the feeling [...]

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Check out five minutes of SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN!


To compete with the other Snow White film Mirror Mirror hitting theaters this weekend, Roth films just released a five-minute extended preview of Snow White and the Huntsman, which comes out in June. The site I first saw this trailer posted on gives a warning that you’ll basically learn the whole plot of the movie, so I opted not [...]

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First full BREAKING DAWN PART II trailer!


A few days ago we brought you a super-teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn Part II, and mentioned the first full trailer would be playing before the Hunger Games in the theater. Well, here’s that trailer for your viewing enjoyment! It’s still more like a teaser trailer in that it’s less than a minute long, but you can [...]

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Two book excerpts: Scalzi’s upcoming REDSHIRTS, and ROYAL STREET


Tor has some books coming out soon that they’re promoting with some great excerpts. First up is award-winning author John Scalzi’s upcoming novel Redshirts, due out on June 5th. They are offering the prologue and first two chapters on their website. You have to be registered on to view it, but registration is free and easy. Click [...]

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“Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two” screenshot overload and debut trailer


The Epic Mickey 2 announcements are coming!  Just a few days ago, a confirmation that the game was officially on its way to Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 this Fall.  Disney Interactive and Junction Point Studios are starting off the teases for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two screenshots. Also, to get you extra excited, they [...]

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Newest “Assassin’s Creed III” trailer shows off Connor’s updated weapons


Strong stories and well developed characters may be the core of the success of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.  However, we can’t forget about the awesome arsenal of weapons. While the  Assassin’s Creed III development team at Ubisoft continues the trend of outfitting the assassins with an ever-growing selection of deadly and precise tools.  The latest Assassin’s [...]

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Three new True Blood season 5 teasers show off possible important locations this season?


Within the past 24 hours, HBO has given us three  True Blood season 5 teasers – at least we can assume by the titles of the clips. Each one swoops around one of the True Blood sets as sound bites from past seasons are heard. Check out each one below. Could these possibly suggest what’s to come this [...]

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Trailer for Doctor Who series seven makes its online debut!


An action-packed cowboy-themed trailer for the upcoming seventh series of Doctor Who has hit the web following its exclusive release at last weekend’s Doctor Who convention in Cardiff and it looks great! The trailer plays out like an old-school country western, jam-packed with cowboys, aliens, and… cowboy aliens? The Doctor is on hand to participate in [...]

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New promotional stills from The Avengers show characters in unique outfits and settings


The Avengers is sneaking up on us! The action hero-packed Marvel film is set to hit theaters this May, which means publicity is starting to ramp up. A new set of stills for the film have been released individually showcasing the incredible costume design of all of the film’s heroes and villains, including Captain America, Thor, [...]

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