Supernatural: “Party On, Garth”

Spoilers ahead Night. Forest. A group of young people telling scary ghost stories around a campfire. A mysterious “animal attack”. Sounds familiar? Last week’s episode, “Party On, Garth”, only follows the good old formula for a short while, before going into something supernaturally weird. Garth (who first appeared in “Time For A Wedding”) calls the Winchesters [...]

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Captain America: The First Avenger Sequel Date Released

cap 2.2

 Captain America: The First Avenger, the squel, will hit theaters on April 4, 2014. (So far away!) Marvel issue the following Press Release today: Marvel and the Walt Disney Studios have announced a release date for Marvel Studios’ sequel to the blockbuster “Captain America: The First Avenger” on April 4, 2014.  The second installment will pick-up where [...]

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New Clip for The Cabin in the Woods Released!


An exclusive clip for The Cabin in the Woods was released on IGN today. It brings back an old standby: the creepy local (referred to in the clip as the harbinger). Check out the clip here:   So, who’s going to go see this movie with me? [...]

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Guest Post – The Future of Young Adult Science Fiction: A Prediction by Katie French


Hey there, Lytherians. I just want to take a moment to introduce the incredibly talented Katie French. Katie is a co-creater/contributer to one of my favorite blogs, As someone tuned into the YA science fiction and fantasy market, I wanted to pick her brain on her thoughts about where this industry is headed. She was kind [...]

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2011 Bram Stoker award-winners announced!


Yesterday at this year’s World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, the winners of the 2011 Bram Stoker Awards were announced. This is the 25th year these awards for quality horror writing have been given, and some new categories were added. The winners are: Superior Achievement in a FIRST NOVEL Isis Unbound by Allyson Bird [...]

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Comic Book Releases Week of April 4, 2012


DARK HORSE COMICS Classic Marvel Characters #5 Dr. Strange – $49.95 Classic Marvel Characters Spider-Man New York Comic Con Exclusive – $49.95 Classic Marvel Characters Spider-Man San Diego Comic Con Exclusive – $49.95 Classic Marvel Characters The Fantastic Four #2 Invisible Girl – $49.95 Creepy #8 – $4.99 Criminal Macabre Die Die My Darling (One Shot) [...]

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This Week In Trailers: “Breaking Dawn Part 2″, “Total Recall”, “House at the End of the Street”

The first teaser for Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is only about 48 seconds long but it gives us a chance to take a short look at the new, vampire Bella (Kristen Stewart). Directed by Bill Condon, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits theaters on November 16th. Check out the first full trailer for Total [...]

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Movie Recommendation: Stripperland is a Fun, Entertaining Zombie Stripper Movie


WARNING!! THIS MOVIE CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT!! In a world where women have turned into exhibitionist man-eaters, a small band of survivors must make their way to the safety of the West Coast. Along the way, they encounter hordes of ravenous half-dressed strippers. Will they survive, or be eaten alive by millions of pole dancing zombies? Starring [...]

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The Devil’s Carnival Hits the Road in April


Darren Lynn Bousman’s The Devil’s Carnival starts on its cross country road show on April 5th. The 55 minute film follows the story of three sinners who are facing the consequences of their actions at a carnival that is being run by none other than Lucifer himself.   Bousman (Saw 2, Saw 3, Saw 4) once [...]

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Mirror Mirror Fell Shorter than One of the Seven Dwarves


  The level of acting prowess appearing in Mirror Mirror should have guaranteed a “happily ever after” for the fate of this movie. Unfortunately, though, even Julia Roberts couldn’t save the awkward overall feel to this frivolous family film. Though visually, the effects of the color contrasts and lovely scenery were captivating enough to entertain throughout [...]

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