Battleship Bores And Fails To Bring Anything New To The Genre


The summer movie season is in full swing. With one massive blockbuster behind us, Peter Berg’s action film Battleship is next in line. Battleship runs in the same vein as the Transformers films, relying heavily on campy special effects and skimping on character and plot development. Battleship disappoints, and will no doubt leave viewers asking themselves, “Was [...]

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Buy a Ticket to the Walking Dead Escape


Buy a ticket to be a survivor, buy a ticket to be a walker, or buy one to watch the survivors attempt to escape the bloodthirsty, brain-hungry zombies. A zombie survival competition is being held in a ballfield in San Diego, CA on July 12-14th. Check out the events website for ticket and event information. If [...]

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Justice League #9 and Avengers Vs. X-Men #4 Will Have You Drooling For More!


Looking for suggestions on what to read this week? Look no further! Check out reviews for Justice League #9 and Avengers Vs. X-Men #4, the two biggest comic releases this week!   Justice League #9 An exciting new story arc begins with this incredible ninth issue, and if you weren’t particularly interested in reading Justice League [...]

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Supernatural: “There Will Be Blood”

There Will Be Spoilers Things are looking more and more dire in “There Will Be Blood”, as Dick Roman continues to slowly take over the world, this time, through the food industry. In the mean time, Sam and Dean continue their difficult quest of collecting all the necessary ingredients that will allow them to kill a leviathan. [...]

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‘Insurgent’ by Veronica Roth Will Have You Guessing and Leave You Wanting More


Insurgent is the second book in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series. By default a few things will be revealed to you if you read this review without having read Divergent first. If you’re curious about this series and are interested in learning more, check out my review of Divergent, which gives a nice summary of the premise of [...]

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New Book Releases, Week of May 13th, 2012


Hey all! Here’s this week’s list of fantasy, scifi, and horror books hitting the shelves. Click on the titles to see the covers! Released Tuesday, May 15, 2012 Born of Silence (The League), by Sherrilyn Kenyon In a universe where corruption and deception rule all aspects of life, sparks of rebellion threaten to ignite . . [...]

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First “Prometheus” Clip!

“Prometheus has landed” are the words that conclude the brand new clip from Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated Prometheus. The sequence shows the crew of Prometheus spaceship getting ready for the landing and the landing itself. If this short scene is anything to judge by, Prometheus will take us on one spectacular ride. Here is the description of [...]

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What Are We Giving Away This Week? Check it Out! (Week of May 13th)


Hey all! Here’s the list of the lovely prizes we’re giving away this week. Remember you can enter on both Facebook and Twitter. DO NOT enter here, it won’t count. Click here for a list of all the entry rules.  May the odds be ever in your favor! Monday: With the final book in Michael Scott’s [...]

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Guest Post: ‘Immortal’ Author Gene Doucette Talks Vampires and Being Immortal


Last week we featured Gene Doucette, author of Immortal and the newly released Hellenic Immortal. He was kind enough to stop by lytherus for a guest post, and tackles vampires, talking about how they make atrocious immortals! Enjoy! **** “I ran through the possibilities again. Vampire was one that was most likely, as they are hypothetically [...]

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Throwback Review: Hatchet is an Entertaining Return to Slasher Flicks


When Ben (Joel Moore), his friend Marcus (Deon Richmond) and assorted strangers embark on a creepy nighttime boat trip into the bayou, their journey takes them into the lair of Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder), a freak of nature whose deformity has turned him into a bloodthirsty killer. Only Marybeth (Tamara Feldman), one of the travelers, holds [...]

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