Amazing Spiderman #687 Is A Satisfying Conclusion to ‘Ends of the Earth,’ While Avengers Assemble #4 Is Better Than Ever


Looking for suggestions on what comics to read this week? Luckily, we have reviews of two fantastic comics below! Read on for more!    Amazing Spider-man #687 The incredible ‘Ends of the Earth’ event comes to a stunning conclusion! You won’t believe what this book holds in its pages, but one thing is for sure: You [...]

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Behind the Pages — Lytherus Exclusive: Ten Questions with Lev Grossman (‘The Magician King’)

the-magician-king-by-lev-grossman c

It wouldn’t be Lev Grossman week without an exclusive Lytherus interview! Lev was kind enough to sit down and answer our questions about writing his Magicians world, balancing life between fiction and non-fiction, the parallels of Fillory and Narnia, and more This is a great interview, and I really hope you enjoy it. Without further ado, take it [...]

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Michael Rooker Returning in Season 3 of The Walking Dead


What happened to Merle? We all know he cut his hand off when he was left chained to a metal duct work support, but where did he go? How did he survive? What is he going to do know? These are all questions that have been bouncing around fans heads ever since Season 1. AMC has [...]

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Brandon Sanderson Set to Release his First YA Trilogy in 2013!


Huge news, Brandon Sanderson fans! Random House Children’s Books announced today that they have acquired the rights to Brandon Sanderson’s first-ever YA series! Here’s what the press-release revealed: Delacorte Press has acquired the first YA series from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Mistborn trilogy, Brandon Sanderson, it was announced today by Beverly [...]

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Superman Vs. The Elite is Mediocre At Best


Superman Vs The Elite, the latest DC Animated Film, premiered at WonderCon after enjoying heavy marketing and hype from DC and Warner Bros. Sadly, the film falls short. Plagued by sub-par voice acting, odd animation, and a thin plot, this newest offering from DC disappoints and fails to live up to the hype surrounding its release. [...]

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Reality and Fantasy Blend Effortlessly in Lev Grossman’s ‘The Magician King’

the-magician-king-by-lev-grossman c

Quentin and the gang are back in The Magician King, the second installment in Lev Grossman’s highly popular Fillory series, following up the New York Times Bestselling The Magicians. Everything there is to love in book one is present in spades in book two, and with new magic-filled adventures comes more realistic, personal struggles as we [...]

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Baltimore The Curse Bells Brings Vampires, Gore, and Violence in an Excellent Way


Baltimore The Curse Bells follows the horrific adventures of Lord Baltimore as he is confronted by an insane warlock and vampiric nuns who are preparing to unleash a curse on a small European town. During confrontations and wanderings directly associated with this curse, Baltimore contines to hunt for his nemesis, the vampire Haigus. Too often when you [...]

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New Book Releases, Week of June 10, 2012


Here’s this weeks new scifi, fantasy and horror books. Click on the title to see the cover! Released Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Aleron: Book One of the Strigoi Series, by Kane When Aleron accepts the gift of immortality from queen vampire Mynea, a blasphemy is born–to mankind and vampires alike. Having gone against the ancient creed [...]

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Last Week In Trailers: “The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “The Pact”

Take a look at two new TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises, featuring several new snippets. The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20th. The Amazing Spider-Man comes out on July 3rd, and here are three new clips to hold us over until then. Check out the new trailer for The Pact, a horror movie coming [...]

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Documenting the Rise of A Slasher is a Success in Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon


A small-town serial killer with a curious penchant for self-promotion unleashes a blood-soaked frenzy of terror in his violent effort to become the best-known slasher in horror history. On the surface, Leslie Vernon (Nathan Baesel) is just your average, everyday guy whose lofty dreams for the future drive him to excel at his chosen profession. But [...]

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