This Week In Trailers: “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Dredd” And More!

Check out the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which hits theaters on July 20th. The new trailer is a great mix of all the previous trailers and offers a fuller look at the story. The new trailer for Dredd, a Judge Dredd reboot, promises a straightforward action movie with some interesting visuals. Directed by [...]

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Throwback: Batman: Under the Red Hood Tests The Morality of the Caped Crusader


One of the best DC Animated films to date, Batman: Under the Red Hood boasts impressive animation, solid voice acting, and a plot with more depth than most of its kind. The film examines Batman’s morality and puts it to the ultimate test. Under the Red Hood answers and expands on a major question regarding Batman’s character: [...]

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Brave is a wonderful tale for Mothers, Daughters, and Girls Just Trying to Find Their Way


Merida will do anything to get out of the arranged marriage her mother has planned for her. Of course, what girl wouldn’t be a bit hesitant with the kind of suitors that are presented? But really, it’s the point of the thing. She’s a free spirit. She’s an intelligent, able woman. She’s, frankly, a bad ass [...]

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Dual Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Is Silly But Action-Packed


Hayden’s Review(Didn’t Read the Book) Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter chronicles the secret life of our  sixteenth president and how that fit into the Civil War. Timur Bekmambetov, the man who brought us Wanted, helms this vampire killing extravaganza, and for the most part, he does a satisfactory job. [...]

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Beyond the Page — Lytherus Exclusive: Ten Questions with ‘The Nightmare Garden’ Author Caitlin Kittredge!

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We’re happy to have superstar author Caitlin Kittredge here today on Lytherus with an exclusive interview. She writes both adult and YA fantasy, but for today’s interview we’re going to focus on the world of her Iron Codex series (currently  The Iron Thorn and The Nightmare Garden are out ). She talks about what it’s like to blend different fantasy [...]

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“Metal Gear Solid 5″ confirmed by Kojima


  Fans everywhere of the Metal Gear series have their mixed feelings, however, there is now a new reason for optimism.  Series creator Hideo Kojima has spoken about his current thoughts on Metal Gear Solid 5, referencing a few games and design philosophies that could be shaping the game’s overall themes and mechanics, while also confirming it is in production.  Most [...]

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Avengers Vs. X-Men #6 Is The Best Yet, While Before Watchmen The Comedian #1 Is A Page Turner


Ae you lost on which comics to buy this week? Well, you’re in luck! Below we have reviews for Avengers Vs. X-Men #6 and Before Watchmen Comedian #1!   Avengers Vs. X-Men #6 Act Two of the incredible Marvel event begins in this issue, which teases big things to come in the Marvel Universe. Written by [...]

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Michael Scott’s ‘The Alchemyst’ to be Made Into a Movie — With Him Writing the Script!

the alchemyst

Big news, Flamel fans! The Alchemyst, book one in Michael Scott’s New York Times Best-selling The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series is being brought to the big screen! What’s even better is that they approached Scott with the opportunity to write the script, which he immediately agreed to. As The Hollywood Reporter reports, “‘I immediately [...]

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‘The Nightmare Garden’ By Caitlin Kittredge is a Great Follow-Up Book and Leaves You Breathless!

the nightmare garden

Second books are hard to like sometimes. They just don’t have the pull and freshness of that first book where an unfamiliar world or person is revealed to you, allowing you to experience the joys of discovery. So I always go into reading a second book with mixed feelings of hope and trepidation. Will this book [...]

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Excerpt and Book Trailer For Upcoming Dragon Book ‘Seraphina’


Seraphina by Rachel Hartman is due out on July 10th. I’ve already had the pleasure of reading it, and the book was fantastic, refreshingly original, and super exciting. We will be bringing you the review and possibly some more goodies I can’t talk about in detail at the moment, but I wanted to share that [...]

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