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Amazing Short Film Based Off The Very Popular Valve Title “Portal” – A MUST See!


  The guys over at Totally Rad Show have given us a sneak peek of some of their work at Comic-Con 2011.  They even teased us on what was to come. Today is the day that they release their work of art. Directed by TRS’ own Dan Trachtenbeg is a jaw-dropping, Portal-inspired, short film with plenty of surprises packed in. [...]

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Debut Trailer Revealed!


Before there was Avatar, Director James Cameron gave us one of the greatest sci-fi/actions films ever – Aliens. Gearbox Software has since been working on a video game based off that film.  Their goal was to make sure gamers will experience the same kind on tension and terror they may have felt while watching Aliens and [...]

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Blizzard Designers Officially Hit The Reset Button On “Blizzard DotA”


Blizzard announced during last year’s Blizzcon that they were working on an internal Defense of the Ancients mod for Starcraft 2.  Titled “Blizzard DotA” - it was announced by senior game desinger, Jonny Ebbert, that the titles has been “flattened.” The mod we got to demo at last year’s Blizzcon has been “completely rebooted.”  Back in May, [...]

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“We’re All Stranded Now” – Opening Cinematic For ‘Gears of War 3′ Released!


It is official – Gears of War 3 has come to a close and Epic Games will be sending off their final version of the game into mass production.  This news is just as amazing as the initial announcement of Gears 3.  It is very nice to hear an official confirmation that the game has been [...]

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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Gameplay Stream!


Konami began streaming a five-minute gameplay video in high-definition for the new Metal Gear Solid HD Collection set on Thursday. Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and Peace Walker are set to launch on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles in November. I am actually really excited for these revamps. Here’s the stream: [...]

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“Game of Thrones: Genesis” RTS Game Screenshots Released


Cyanide has officially released a set of screenshots from their upcoming Game of Thrones strategy game adaptation, “Game of Thrones: Genesis”. The screenshots show various locations and gameplay from the title, including the Wall, cities, villages, countrysides, boats, and the Iron Throne. [cincopa AsLA0vqnsEqR] We know very little of “Game of Thrones: Gensis” at this point [...]

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Blizzard Discuss Big Additions To Their Upcoming Games!


Gamescon 2011 is well underway and the guys over at Gamespot had a chance to meet with with desingers and artists of Blizzard to talk about their upcoming games and what we can expect. Let’s start with Diablo III. This first thing that was revealed was the newest difficulty mode, Inferno, that will supersede Hell as the highest difficulty mode [...]

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Mojang (Makers of Minecraft) Announce a New Game: “Cobalt”


Mojang Studios, the company behind the indie smash hit “Minecraft” (a game many credit for bringing indie game development to the forefront of gaming over the past year) has announced that they’ve teamed up with another game studio to create the first game set to release since Minecraft: Cobalt! Cobalt is a 2D side-scroller featuring, in [...]

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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – First Look At The Gameplay And Brand New Screenshots!


The Assassin’s Creed franchise is rapidly growing into the one of the most anticipated releases year after year.  While many fans are worried that talked about titles were slowly becoming only an idea, we have gotten recent reports that Assassin’s Creed writers are nearing the completion of the story – and should be able to carry Desmond’s journey [...]

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Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombie Labs Rezurrection Trailer and “Moon” Gameplay!


Although Modern Warefare 3 is literally right around the corner, it hasn’t kept developer Treyarch from keeping their latest Call of Duty installment, Black Ops, out of the spotlight – with a steady string of DLC packs.  A possible final map pack, title “Rezurrection,” is an all-zombie mode that brings back four of your favorite classic maps and adds [...]

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