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‘The Walking Dead’ season four promotional art shows they might be leaving the prison


AMC has just released this new poster for season 4 of The Walking Dead, and it tells us a bit more about what might happen in the future of the series. With the previews and behind the scenes videos we have seen how the group seems to settle down a bit and even grow a self sustaining [...]

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First video preview for ‘Arrow’, “When the hood goes up, you better pray”, released, plus information on The Flash!


The first action-packed trailer for CW’s hit DC comics-inspired show, Arrow, has hit the web! The minute long preview is jam-packed with character retrospectives, action sequences, and a destroyed Starling City. One thing’s for certain: the Arrow is back with a renewed vengeance, and those who failed Starling City better watch out: We also have our [...]

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Bad news, ‘Doctor Who’ fans: Season eight won’t premiere until fall 2014


Season eight will be a big season for Doctor Who: it’s the first time Peter Capaldi will helm the show as the twelfth Doctor after taking the torch from Matt Smith, the current (and eleventh) Doctor on Doctor Who. However, fans will be waiting nearly a year after being introduced to Peter Capaldi in the upcoming [...]

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Season seven will be ‘True Blood’s last, announces HBO


HBO has announced that its long running vampire hit will finally meet its maker: season seven of True Blood, based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, will be its last. True Blood will air ten episodes before coming to a close at the end of summer 2014. HBO released announcements from the President of [...]

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Watch the cast of ‘Game of Thrones’ react to the Red Wedding!


Game of Thrones season three’s “Red Wedding” was one of the most memorable and horrifying scenes in television in recent memory. Many fan-favorite characters suffered a horrible and gruesome fate, with fans of the books having seen it coming, and fans of the show caught totally unaware. Fans, however, were not the only people to react [...]

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Newest ‘The Walking Dead’ clip begs for help


It’s coming, folks. We have only until October 13th for the first episode of season 4. This episode is called “30 Days Without an Accident” and was directed by Greg Nicotero. A new clip has been released to help tide us over! Take a peek and tell me, who is begging for help and why? Based [...]

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Fall preview of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ gives first look at new footage, cast interviews, and behind the scenes


ABC aired its Fall Previews last night and among the footage was a six minute long Fall Preview of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the first show to take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (a continuation of what we see in the Marvel films). The clip features a new first-look at scenes from the show, interviews [...]

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New plot information for ‘Revolution’ details life after the missiles launch


NBC has finally released plot details for its upcoming second season of Revolution! Season one left off with impending missiles strikes on multiple parts of the United States — a major cliffhanger, for sure. According to NBC, season two won’t skip any time: it will pick up right where season one left off, with our favorite [...]

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‘Game of Thrones’ season four begins filming, bringing new cast and set photos


Game of Thrones season four, the mega-series produced by HBO, has officially begun filming! Filming kicked off in Croatia, where the crew will stay through the end of September before moving to Split and the Adriatic Sea to continue filming in October. Filming wasn’t off to a great start: the first day of filming on the [...]

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New ‘Orphan Black’ season two information surfaces, including news on more clones and Cosima’s health

BTJA 3rd Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards

Orphan Black took the world by storm when it was released by BBC America earlier this year. Orphan Black centers around Sarah, a street-wise drug dealer and all-around troublemaker who finds her life thrown into a tizzy after discovering that she is one of multiple clones living around the planet, all being watched, monitored, and potentially [...]

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