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Syfy releases new season descriptions and new information for ‘Being Human’ season 4 and ‘Defiance’ season 2


Two of Syfy’s biggest shows, the American adaptation of Being Human and its video game tie-in hit Defiance, will be premiering in 2014, and ahead of their release, the channel is finally releasing some new information! Defiance, which will enter its second season, is currently in production with a scheduled season consisting of thirteen hour-long episodes. [...]

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Matt Smith officially done as the Doctor, as the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special filming wraps


We go from great news — with the discovery and impending release of two new lost-but-found episodes of classic Doctor Who – to news that Matt Smith is finally done as the Doctor. Tweets from the set of Doctor Who‘s Christmas Special reveal that the cast and crew wrapped on filming for the special, marking Smith’s [...]

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Two lost ‘Doctor Who’ episodes surface, to be digitally released this week by the BBC


What were they thinking? Years ago (fifty this year!), before Doctor Who was the true pop culture phenomenon it is now, someone made an incredibly foolish mistake: they lost a lot of classic Doctor Who episodes. Not just a few; no, nearly a hundred episodes lost or destroyed. Over the past several decades, many of these episodes [...]

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Why SHIELD might pave the way for Star Wars

Rebel Alliance

Now that SHIELD‘s gotten off the ground with tremendous success, some people are wondering what this means for TV in general…and Star Wars in particular. Only two episodes in, the parallels between this show and the Expanded Universe novels are striking. In many ways, SHIELD is taking the same leap of faith that Heir to the [...]

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New ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 trailer!


We are slowly, oh so ever slowly, creeping up on the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead. I think we can all expect a whole deluge of trailers, pics, and maybe some character hints, but how will we make it to October 13th? Well, this first trailer will help out some (you can see it below). This [...]

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New photos and video from the ‘Game of Thrones’ season four set show us the ‘Mountain’ and more important scenes


Game of Thrones season four is deep into production in Croatia, where fans have turned up in the dozens to get a glimpse at the bloody show as it films some key scenes. A new batch of set photos and a new video give us a unique glimpse into various scenes for the upcoming season, including [...]

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New sting and behind the scenes photo from the ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Special released, plus a new trailer announcement


The Day of the Doctor is nearing! Doctor Who, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, is set to release an epic celebration episode in November, ushering in the return of at least one old Doctor alongside Matt Smith and an entirely new Doctor — the evil Doctor — played by John Hurt. Today, the BBC [...]

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New promo released for season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’


AMC has ushered in another promo clip for season 4 of the hit zombie show The Walking Dead. I don’t know about all of you, but I’m dying for the return of the walkers and the survivors. Take a look below and maybe this clip will help tide us over until October 13th when the show returns! In [...]

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‘Game of Thrones’ star Kit Harington warns fans that season four will have the most deaths yet


Fans of George R. R. Martin may not be surprised by the amount of deaths in his series, but watchers of the hit HBO show may be saddened to hear that the carnage isn't over. In fact, one 'Game of Thrones' star is promising that season four will be the most deadly yet. [...]

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Title sequence for ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ released


OK, if I wasn’t already intrigued by everything I’ve seen about the third season of American Horror Story, the main title sequence would absolutely do it. It’s creepy, it’s disturbing, and it just doesn’t feel right. [...]

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