First trailer for Marvel’s upcoming ‘Inhumans’ TV show released!


Marvel’s upcoming Inhumans show didn’t get off to the greatest start: its first character photo was widely panned and mocked for its 80s-like super hero cheesiness (the costumes, especially). Today the first trailer was released, leaving us all wondering if the cheesiness carried over into the show itself.

The show has been a long time coming – it’s been in production with ABC and Marvel since 2011 and was originally set to release in April 2016. The show was eventually delayed, now premiering this fall, with filming having taken place this past spring.

All in all, it looks pretty good! The trailer may be a bit confusing for viewers unfamiliar with the Inhumans comics and story lines, and the action is a bit on the weaker side until we see the first characters arrive on Earth toward the middle of the trailer. The show’s brief official synopsis, “After a military coup, the Inhuman Royal Family escape to Hawaii where they must save themselves and the world,” sheds a bit more light on what we can expect to see from the show.

The show’s cast holds promise for its quality, featuring well-seasoned television actors including Sonya Blamores, Isabelle Cornish, Eme Ikwaukor, and Iwan Rheon.

Perhaps most interestingly is the fact that Inhumans is the first television show to be filmed with IMAX cameras and as a result, the first two episodes will premiere on IMAX screens across North America on September 1st!


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