Castle Cats, one of our favorite mobile games, has finally released


I have no shame in admitting that I’m a huge sucker for mobile games featuring crafting, adventuring, and cartoony style art… which is why I was delighted when a friend recommended an indie game in beta: Castle Cats.

To say I’ve spent dozens of hours playing this game may be an understatement. Its art is incredible (and adorable), its quest and adventure system fun and persistent, and its crafting system keeps you on your toes.

Today, the game finally grew up, officially releasing for all to play! It’s available on Android and if you aren’t already playing, you’re definitely missing out.

It’s important to note that this idle-management game is completely free to play. Like every other F2P mobile game, there are micro-transactions, but it’s incredibly easy to enjoy the game (perhaps a bit slower) without spending a penny. I’ve only spent $3 total and even that was unnecessary – a purchase I made simply to support the developer.

Onward, adventurers! Will you be giving Castle Cats a go?


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