Niantic announces new Summer/Winter Solstice event for Pokemon GO!


Niantic went through a bit of a content lull after the release of Pokemon GO’s generation 2 in early February, but it seems like they’ve thrown content releases into overdrive, announcing another in-game event just a few days after the conclusion of another.

Today, the mobile game studio behind the Pokemon GO phenomenon announced the Summer/Winter Solstice event, celebrating – you guessed it – the summer and winter solstices. Fire and ice┬átype Pokemon will spawn much more regularly, giving you higher odds of catching or completing that elusive Charizard and coveted Lapras!

They aren’t stopping there, though: we’ll be getting a massive XP boost for successfully catching Pokemon with Nice, Great, and Excellent throws. But wait, there’s more! You’ll also get double XP for hatching eggs and to help boost that XP gain even further, Lucky Eggs are on sale for 50% during the event.

The event runs from June 13th (1:00PM EDT) to June 20th (1:00PM EDT)!

Time to get outside, enjoy the summer weather, and hunt those Pokemon, Trainers!


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