Starz hit ‘American Gods’ already renewed for season two!


American Gods is officially being renewed after only two episodes of season 1 by Starz, which is something we can all definitely appreciate.

With its renewal, Michael Green and Bryan Fuller’s adaptation certainly helps Mr. Wednesday argument that belief is a powerful thing indeed.  Starz believes that American Gods is worthy of being renewed and so do we.

Craig Cegielski, co-CEO of FremantleMedia North America said in a recent press release:

American Gods has been a ground-breaking series born out of belief and it’s thrilling to be partnered with Starz to continue this ambitious story. Neil Gaiman, Bryan Fuller, and Michael Green have ignited a conversation through cinematic magic, presented through a diverse ensemble of actors that continue to keep us engaged and inspired.

As season 1 continues, it will cover about a third of the Neil Gaiman novel is based off.  This leaves plenty of room to continue exploring and storytelling.  In just two episodes, we have only been introduced to a fraction of this world.  Episode 3 includes some more introductions as well a scene that absolutely can’t be missed. Trust us.

American Gods airs Sundays at 9:00 PM on Starz.


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