Netflix releases first trailer for upcoming Marvel show, ‘The Defenders’


Following the success of their first four Marvel television shows, Netflix is bringing together their superhero line-up to create a television version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe… in The Defenders!

Today, the streaming giant released the first trailer for the upcoming show:

Trailer: Netflix’s Heroes Team Up in Defenders. Even, Um, Iron Fist

The trailer looks epic – the perfect union of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Iron Fist, but we can’t help that feel as though one of the heroes sticks out like a sore thumb: Danny Rand as Iron Fist.

Sure, the show – and the hero – was one that some critics called Netflix’s first Marvel “flop,” but we wouldn’t go that far. Instead, we are willing to recognize that the hero can’t yet hold his own against Marvel’s other supers. He has yet to harness his own powers and had his ass handed to him over and over in the first season of his titular show.

So what will Iron Fist bring to the Defenders round-up? Time will tell. With Jones, Cage, and Daredevil as mentors, it isn’t too hard to imagine Rand’s future potential as a member worthy of the Defender title.

In standard Netflix fashion, the entire first season of The Defenders is set to release on August 18th!


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