Nintendo announces ‘New 2DS XL’ as part of the DS family


Not long after smashing sales records with the March release of the Nintendo Switch, the gaming giant is at it again, this time for handheld devices.

Today, Nintendo announced evolution for its affordable-but-awkward-looking 2DS, bringing it more in line with what is currently offered by the New Nintendo 3DS XL but for a slightly smaller price tag.

The devices is an impressive successor to the original 2DS. The return of the clam shell design, addition of the C Stick, and increased processing power are promising for those looking to save $50 and skip the 3D experience.

Here’s a breakdown of the features:

New Nintendo 2DS XL ($150)

  • Return of the clam shell design
  • 82% larger screen (compared to original 2DS)
  • Same power and performance as the 3DS
  • Built-in Amiibo support
  • Compatible with all 3DS, New 3DS, and DS games
  • New C Stick, bringing “enhanced controls”

If tech trailers are you kind of thing, Nintendo released a video showing off its latest device:

The New 2DS XL will release on July 28th, 2017 – right in time for gamers to snagĀ Miitopia andĀ Hey! Pikmin, both which launch the same day.


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