First PvE Overwatch campaign announced as limited time event, ‘Uprising’


Overwatch has just released their newest seasonal event, Uprising, today for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game.  Uprising goes back in time with Mercy, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, and Tracer and allows players to relive a turning point in the game’s back story.

A new arcade mode comes with the launch of the new event and allows players to battle waves of Omnic extremists (known as Null Sector) in King’s Row.  Team up with your friends and stop the Omnic Uprising!

Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s game director, stated in a recent Developer Update that Uprising was created as a response to fan feedback, mainly asking for non-real world holiday-themed events and more PVE game types.  After a very positive response to the Halloween Terror’s co-op mode, Junkenstein’s Revenge, Uprising hopes to maintain players high expectations.

The Uprising event will be playable through May 2nd.


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Shaun Hilton is a passionate and life-long gamer, to say the least. He spent many years as the raid leader and main tank for a World of Warcraft guild, is an active Overwatch and Hearthstone player, and enjoys a game or two of Heroes of the Storm.

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