First photo of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins in ‘Mary Poppins Returns’


Mary Poppins is back! The beloved magical nanny will be returning to screens in 2018, and we’re now getting our first look at Emily Blunt who portrays the titular character in the musical sequel.

It’s been 54 years but Mary Poppins hasn’t aged a day. (If anything, the character looks younger!) Although we can’t see her face directly, Blunt seems to beautifully capture the look and elegance of the iconic character, originally played by Julie Andrews in the filmĀ Mary Poppins, released in 1964.

Mary Poppins isn’t the only character returning. The film will feature now grown-up Jane (Emily Mortimer) and Michael Banks (Ben Whishaw), along with Michael’s three children, who require a visit from the beloved nanny after their family is struck by tragedy.

The film will be set during the familiar 1930s Great Depression era of London, not long after the original film took place.

Mary Poppins returns will be directed by Rob Marshall, written by David Magee, and produced by John DeLuca and Marc Platt. Actors Meryl Streep, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Julie Walters, Colin Firth, and Dick Van Dyke will join Blunt for the sequel.

Mary Poppins Returns is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day 2018.


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