Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Overwatch’s newest upcoming event!


The next seasonal event for Overwatch seems to be focused around the Chinese New Year, which was first announced via the game’s official Twitter account. Titled, “The Year of the Rooster”, the event begins on Tuesday, January 24th.

Blizzard has stayed pretty quiet with the amount of detail related to the upcoming event they are willing to share, however, they did tease a new skin for Mei.

It looks like D.Va will be getting a new skin as well, according to the game’s Korean Twitter account.

The Year of the Rooster begins January 24th and runs through February 13th.  Don’t miss out on this limited time event!


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Shaun Hilton is a passionate and life-long gamer, to say the least. He spent many years as the raid leader and main tank for a World of Warcraft guild, is an active Overwatch and Hearthstone player, and enjoys a game or two of Heroes of the Storm.

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