It’s about time: Netflix is finally adding offline viewing! (Features and Guide)


In a surprising but not-unwanted move, Netflix has announced what us binge-watchers have been begging for for years: offline viewing!

It’s a major reversal for the online streaming giant, who has repeatedly stated that they have no intentions of adding offline playback to their service.

It won’t just be Netflix’s original shows, such as Orange is the New Black, Grace & Frankie, Narcos, and The Crown: NBC shows such as The Office and Parks and Recreation will be joining the line-up!

The service is straight-forward: on their iOS and Android apps, users can open a “Download” section which lists (and allows searching) all offline-enabled shows. You’ll click a small download icon to the right of each individual episode of a show and it’s queued for download via wifi. The shows are then available on your device for offline plane (airplane mode, etc.), allowing you access to some of your streaming favorites while on the go and without wasting coveted mobile data.

The new feature won’t be limited to certain Netflix account tiers. The streaming provider has stated that all customers will be able to use the service as soon as they’ve updated their iOS and Android apps.

Time for some Netflix and Chill on the road!


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