Calm down, ‘Star Wars’ fans: we’re sure Mark Hamill’s “out of work” comment was just a joke


The internet loves to latch on to even the insubstantial quotes and leaks to uncover hidden meanings and foster speculation. Today’s hubbub: Mark Hamill’s off-the-cuff comments during an event with Big Finish.

While holding a Q&A with the event’s attendees, the Star Wars actor said:

“I finish Episode VIII, and then I’m out of work”

Naturally, the internet’s resident doom and gloom chanters are up in arms, crying that this comment is a “spoiler” revealing Luke Skywalker’s death in the upcoming eighth installment in the Star Wars series.

Not likely!

We don’t think the actor would make such a large slip-up in a public setting. Plus, even if the character is killed in the 8th film, Jedi still appear as Force ghosts, so it’s incredibly likely that Hamill would continue to reprise his role as the universe’s famous Jedi Knight.

We aren’t too worried about this one.


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