Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) will return to The Flash as a regular in season three!


Though his character turned out to be the “big baddie” in season one, fans of The Flash were upset at the implied departure of actor Tom Cavanagh, who played Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash in season one.

Cavanagh’s return in season two as Earth Two’s Harrison Wells was a surprise and delight to many. His role in the show’s sophomore outing was a relief to those who enjoyed season one wells prior to the Reverse Flash revelation. Harry went on to play a central role throughout the show’s many encounters with Earth Two meta-humans and Zoom.

However, Tuesday’s season finale left a lot up in the air as Harry headed back home to Earth Two with his daughter following the defeat of Zoom. Shortly after, Barry/The Flash made his massive time-altering decision that will have serious consequences for the universe and characters we’ve come to love.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Cavanagh will return for season three as a series regular. With the Reverse Flash now seemingly erased from time and Harry back on Earth Two, which character will Cavanagh play? Will he reprise his role as Earth Two’s Harry? Will he play the Earth One Harrison Wells who was originally murdered by Eobard Thawne? Time will tell!

Season two concluded on May 24th and won’t return again until fall.


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