More ‘Pokemon GO’ details emerge as Trainer Gyms are revealed!


Pokemon GO, the real-world augmented reality mobile game featuring the Pokemon universe is still in development, although a lucky few are already trapping their favorite monsters in the real world as the game’s beta testing stage is underway.

To tide the rest of us over, developer Niantic Labs has released some new information about Pokemon Gyms and how real life trainers will compete within their walls.

In the traditional handheld Pokemon games, Gyms are home to elite Pokemon trainers with a unique line-up of Pokemon to battle against in order to earn a badge. The Gyms often act is gates to later game content and are a good measure of progression for every aspiring trainer making their way through the game.

In Pokemon GO, Gyms will function a bit differently. Players will have to travel to real world locations identified as a Gym by the game, where they’ll battle against defending Pokemon staged at the Gym. Before entering the Gym, the player will choose to join one of three Trainer teams. Once the player has chosen a team and located the Gym, they’ll have to fight the Pokemon left there to defend it. If victorious, they’ll take the Gym and will have the option to leave one of their own Pokemon behind to defend the location¬†from future attackers.

Pokemon GO is expected to release on Android and iOS later this year. Gamers can now sign up for a chance to be selected for the game’s North American beta test!


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