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Welcome to our new monthly book club! Or rather, welcome to the same book club you’ve been enjoying, but with a different range of books. While Lauren continues sharing exciting YA with you, I’m here to highlight books off the general science fiction and fantasy shelves.

This month we’re actually not travelling that far. Instead of a different galaxy or a new magical world, we’re heading into the hills and mountains of Tennessee with Alex Bledsoe’s Tufa novels. We’ll also have a bit of a different format this month.

July 13th I’ll talk about the first book, The Hum and the Shiver, ideas about the series as a whole, and about the style of the book in general.

July 20th will be the wrap up post for the second book, A Wisp of a Thing. At that point, be ready with any questions you’d like to ask Mr. Bledsoe.

July 27th will either be a look at some of the other material connected to this series in the form of a internet short story and a music album or one of our FAWs with Mr. Bledsoe for the third book, Long Black Curl.

July 31th will be a wrap up of the whole series.

Curious whether a book set in the Appalachians can really be a speculative novel? Check out the summary of the first novel and then join us as we explore the world of the mysterious Tufa.

9780765365903No one knows where the Tufa came from, or how they ended up in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Enigmatic and suspicious of outsiders, the Tufa live quiet lives in the hills and valleys of Cloud County. While their origins may be a mystery, there are hints of their true nature buried in the songs they have passed down for generations.

Bronwyn Hyatt, a pure-blood Tufa, has always insisting on doing things her own way, regardless of the consequences. Even though Tufa rarely leave Cloud County, she enlisted in the Army to escape the pressures of Tufa life–her family, her obligations as a First Daughter, and her dangerous ex-boyfriend. But after barely surviving a devastating ambush that killed most of her fellow soldiers, Private Hyatt returns to Cloud County wounded in body and in spirit. But danger lurks in the mountains and hollows of her childhood home. Cryptic omens warn of impending tragedy, and a restless “haint” lurks nearby, waiting to reveal Bronwyn’s darkest secrets. Worst of all, Bronwyn has lost touch with the music that was once a vital part of her identity.


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