Where are we with ‘The Walking Dead’? Season 5, Episode 14 ‘Spend’ brings about loss


It’s been awhile since I’ve written about The Walking Dead, but I thought it’s time to break the death-like silence and discuss what exactly is going on with our favorite group of survivors.

For a line by line summary of tonight’s episode, check out AMCtv.

[SPOILERS] OK, just a brief summary of what lessons should have been learned on tonight’s episode:

1. Never, ever shoot a zombie that has grenades strapped to its chest. It’s a no win scenario. I guess Aiden’s system did not account for explosives.

2. If anyone from Alexandria is with you during a run or any type of work where there is a potential to be attacked, expect to be left behind to die at some point.

3. Don’t mess with the mullet.

4. Going medieval on zombies is totally acceptable in the zombie apocalypse. Especially if you can jury rig a morning star.

Tyler-James-Williams-e1411609112797So what do all of you think about this season? The second half of this season has been spectacularly harsh on our survivors as we have lost Tyreese and tonight, Aidan and Noah. Granted, Aiden was not much of a loss to me (the arrogant tool), but I will miss Noah. I also really feel horrible for Glenn. That was about as gruesome of a death as anyone could ever see, and he had ringside seats for it.

Side note: During the zombie apocalypse, do not have morals or develop hope for a future. If you have either one of these, you are sure to die. Painfully and horribly.

the-walking-dead-514-04-530x353Any else think that Daryl riding out to recruit gives Abraham the chance to come out of his shadow to act in more of a lead role? In the comic, Abraham does act as Rick’s right hand man. Aaron’s offer could potentially allow this dynamic to occur without killing off either character.

Also, if I’m on a work crew during the zombie uprising, I want Abraham to be the crew leader.

It has been interesting to see how the domestic violence situation that is documented in the comic has come into the forefront in this episode. While Noah and Aiden were becoming zombie chow, Carol and Rick are dealing with the potentially explosive scenario of Pete abusing his family. It’s really going to be interesting to see how Rick handles this vs. how it was handled in the comics.

download (1)What the hell was up with Gabriel? He tries to convince Deanna that Rick and his group are evil…and Satan. He blames them for doing unspeakable things…what about locking your flock and friends outside of your church to let them die?

So, what do all of you think is going to happen between now and the season finale? Will Rick completely lose it (I have to admit, I don’t think he is that far away. After watching him almost pull his gun on Pete and Jessie as they walk by. I’m thinking his mind is still on the “we take what we want” mindset)? Who else do you think might be on the menu for the walkers?

To sum up this episode, I’m going to quote Abraham.

Mother dick.




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