Featured Author Week: Aric Carter (‘The Reawakening’) visits Lytherus!



Author and actor Aric Carter will be joining us at Lytherus as our featured author of the week! In addition to a review and a giveaway, stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the author!

Cover-SagaofLynThe Reawakening is the first book of the thrilling new series The Saga of Lyn. Take a look at the back cover blurb to get a feel for the story:

Tavernkeeper Tegain Hostler’s life is one of well-oiled routine, revolving around his tavern and his beloved wife and daughter. When a mysterious stranger destroys his tavern and family, Tegain joins forces with his friend Karl Dunmire, a trader with a military past, to seek justice. Karl sells Tegain a rusty old sword that has hidden powers, and their quest turns deadly as they begin to encounter demons from their world’s past that now threaten its future.

To help make navigating this week’s exciting content easier, here’s a schedule of what to expect from Aric Carter’s stay:
• Monday: Introduction to the Aric Carter featured author week
• Tuesday: Review of The Reawakening
• Wednesday: Giveaway
• Thursday: Exclusive interview with Aric Carter

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