‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Episode 9 puts us in a dark place


The Walking Dead is back after the mid-season break and I, for one, am so happy that it has finally returned. For a line by line summary of the show, you can find it here.


This was one of the craziest, visceral intros I have ever watched. The mixtures of sorry, burial, shoveling, life, grief, death, spirits, etc. created an interesting and intense start. Seeing the two little girls as if in a dream or nightmare and then the blood dripping onto the farmhouse picture was fascinating and darkly compelling.

andrew-lincolnJust as a side note, Rick’s beard is epic. And as a song by The Beards states:

So the grave digger came, to bury the bodies,
and he had a beard and cant be killed.

Can’t be killed (can’t be killed)
Can’t be killed (can’t be killed)
Had a beard (had a beard)

The idea to get Noah back to his home shows us that Rick hasn’t become totally wrapped up in survival or lost his grasp on humanity. This was his way to honor Beth’s memory. Even if the Reaper takes his toll on the team. Tyreese is bit by a young zombie. The blood falling on the picture during the intro was his.

With Tyreese going into shock (at least I think that’s what it was), he began to see the dead. Bob, The Governor, the one Termite, Beth, the girls…it was like the dead were coming to welcome Tyreese back. Until another zombie bit Tyreese and the unfortunate reality of the situation permeated the scene.

tyrese_walking_deadIt is interesting to see the different people who suffer amputations in order to save them from bites as compared to those who are chopped in the graphic novel. By this time, Rick has lost his hand. Tonight, in Tyreese’s eyes, the girls are holding his bleeding hand. In reality, it’s Rick pulling and Michonne slicing.

I have to throw in the holy-shit-what-the-hell flag….First our survivors find legs and arms strewn about in the woods. Later, as they flew the community, Rick hits a trucks and what comes spilling out? Zombie torsos that are still snapping and biting. Seriously.

The shoveling of dirt that I thought was for Beth turns out to be Tyreese’s grave. While he did make it farther than the comic (he was executed by the Governor in lieu of Hershel), he did go out hard. This was such a dark episode, and I’m looking forward to more.


Take a look at the sneak peek at next week’s episode here:

Also, you can check out the song referenced above by The Beards here (just for the fun of it):

I’ve read a lot of criticism about this episode. There seems to be a lot of hate at the story or the number of commercials. I thought this was an interesting and intriguing way to kick of the second half of the season. As to the commercials, I really didn’t think there were any more than any other show that I watch. What did all of you think?


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