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On Friday the 5th, the first day of Comic Con Portugal, Morena Baccarin was on a panel to answer questions the fans had. There was a surprising number of questions about Firefly*, even though she was there to promote mostly V, Gotham and Homeland. She answered both in English and Portuguese (she’s from Brazil, as are her parents), which delighted everyone.

Here are the highlights of the panel.

*I got to speak with her briefly and couldn’t resist saying goodbye with an “aim to misbehave”. Browncoat forever.

General Questions

– She chooses her parts based on who the character is and how they influence the story. New characters have to bring something new to what she has already done. Even if she doesn’t quite understand them at the start she likes to research and begin to see who they are, and then bring a bit of herself to these characters.

– She likes strong female characters, but strong in the sense that they are good, well developed roles. Joss Whedon does that very well.

– Weak and vulnerable characters can also be strong roles, and they are more interesting to Morena.

– The characters she portrays always change her perspective regarding life.

– Sometimes she might settle for weaker roles so she can try and better them with her experience. But every role has to be worth not being at home with her newborn baby.

– Even so, every times she finishes a job she still panics and doubts and questions herself, wondering if she’ll ever have another role again.

– At first it was slightly hard to make it into Hollywood because she was a foreigner, but it’s a hard process for everyone. But eventually she made it.

– If she could be in any other TV show she would love to be on Girls and Game of Thrones.

– Given this current superhero movie trend, she would like to play Catwoman or Wonder Woman.

– Morena was a bit of a geek in high school. She watched the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, went to watch all the Star Wars movies. Now she says she’s a geek regarding cooking and wine.

– Her next movie project is Spy, directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Office).

– Morena has experienced some bad auditions in the past – sometimes people don’t listen, they don’t care that she’s there, and it makes it harder for her to do her job well.

– Her favourite movie is Lawrence of Arabia.

– She would like to work with Ben Affleck, and Meryl Streep.

– Morena would also like to make more European movies.

She was going to be on Castle but had to cancel due to other shows. She’d love to try again, though!



Nathan Fillion is a prankster. One time he filled Alan Tudyk’s trailer door with vaseline and he couldn’t go in for hours. Alan Tudyk answered by putting a potato on Nathan’s car exhaust pipe and almost ruining it in the process.

– But he’s also nice, funny, a gentleman, and treats everyone on set as his family.

Firefly was one her favourite shows to do, along with Homeland.

– It’s difficult when the decision lies with someone else that isn’t completely related to the show, as was the case with Firefly. As much as everyone else wants to keep working on the show, the decision isn’t theirs. Disappointing the fans when the show was cancelled was also hard.

– Adam Baldwin is republican, very conservative, and, at the time, a fierce supporter of George W. Bush. He had a lot of fights with people on set – specially Alan Tudyk – and that made it hard to have a peaceful conversation with him.

Joss Whedon is very strict when it comes to the scripts. People might try to suggest things, or improvise, but he wants to do everything as it’s written. Fortunately the scripts are good.

– Her costumes were not very comfortable, although they were gorgeous. Most were hand made or found at vintage shops and customized to fit the show. She would have loved to keep some, but she couldn’t.

Gotham, V, and Homeland

– Her character, Dr Leslie Thompkins, doesn’t come from the comics. She’s original to the show but will still influence the story in an important way.

– She will have a lot of scenes with Detective Gordon, and their relationship will be part romantic, part side kick. She had only recorded 3 episodes at the time of the convention, and she couldn’t say much more about it.

– There’s the possibility that she might go back to Homeland.

Jessica Brody from Homeland is her favourite role, the most fulfilling one because of the challenge it posed.

With V she could try different things, bolder things, because her character was a villain.

– They weren’t looking to completely imitate the original show (V). They wanted to do bring something new to the story people already knew.


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