Episode 505 of ‘The Walking Dead’ -Self-Help teaches us that mullets can’t be trusted


Well, let’s get this started off the right way with:


the-walking-dead-505-111989One of the things that bothered me with last season has popped up to potentially plague us this season. We have 3 different story lines moving on from this point. Last season, it made the season feel a little chopped up since there was so little focus on one cohesive story line. While it was still an effective plot, there was some gaps to me. However, this episode proved my thoughts a lie. With the return of the story to the comic (hitting the high points once again), it was a fairly amazing episode.

The flashbacks in this episode have really fleshed out Abraham’s character and have explained why he has been some monomaniacal about getting Eugene to DC. With nothing of his own left alive, he adopted Eugene’s cause as a reason to live. It was interesting, and disturbing, to see the fear and loathing in his family’s eyes after he kills others. It’s not explained, but I’m guessing they were other survivors who didn’t know how to play well with others.

the-walking-dead-episode-505-eugene-mcdermitt-full-590-284x184This episode also showcased a fairly new and impressive zombie killing tool. Eugene uses the water pressure from a pumper truck to decapitate and decimate the living dead. These were Eugene’s real first kills and he went at it with a vengeance.

And in case you weren’t aware, Eugene, the man with the mullet and the plan, is a liar. He isn’t a scientist. He’s a coward (or a genius, depends on how you look at it) who found a way to convince other survivors to protect him. After he admits that he is a liar (the thought of attempting to navigate a walker hoard would scare the hell out of anyone), there is a scene where Eugene lists all of the people who have died protecting him. The list was depressingly long.

Did anyone else have any concerns about Abraham’s cut hand? Every time he even looked at the hand, it started bleeding. Along with his total bloodthirsty attack on Eugene followed by his collapse on the road, Abraham seems like he might have something more on his mind.


Once again, I love how the TV show hits some of the high points that are shown in the comic. Eugene being a pervert and then a liar were both showcased in the comic. Bringing the stories together allows for a variable continuity between the two media sources. Having the differences creates an opportunity for Kirkman to further develop characters that he did not in the comic.

And…..dolphin smooth.

Sneak Peek: Episode 506: The Walking Dead: Consumed

Following this episode was one of my favorite Talking Dead episodes that I have ever watched.  I only have one question about the episode and the follow-up: “What boots was Michael Cudlitz wearing on the set of the Talking Dead?


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