Episode 2 of Season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’ (Strangers) introduces us to the ‘ew’ factor


If I could sum up last night’s episode in one word, it would have to be “ew”. From water-logged, rotting zombies to a cannibalistic dining experience, there was a little bit of everything to gross a viewer out.

As I said in last week’s review, you can find a blow-by-blow summary of the episode on AMC.


I do feel it necessary to say that I had some concerns that the episode was going back to the “we’re at war but we’ll talk about it for 3 weeks” trend, but I found all of the discussion and travel to make the insanity of the last episode make complete sense. It helped to flesh out the action and devastation with a plot and also helped to show the growth of the characters. Carol’s scenes showed her to be a new force to be reckoned with, as Rick humbled himself (the Rictatorship) by asking Carol if his band of survivors could join with her (basically identifying Carol as a lead).

imagesSo. The preacher, Gabriel. What is going on with him? The survivors find him surrounded by a group of walkers, who are dispatched with ease. Gabriel claims that he hasn’t killed any walkers OR humans. How is that possible?

With the variety of hints that were present in the show, I’m inclined to believe that he locked the doors to his church and left his parishioners outside. The plethora of empty food cans indicated that he had been in the church alone for a significant time period. The gouges on the door frame (as if someone was trying to force their way in) and the cryptic message carved on the wall both indicate to me that he left those who depended on him to die.

Walking-Dead-502-Bobbing-For-ZombiesLet’s talk about ‘ew’ moment number one. Waterlogged zombies are gross. Tongues hanging out and all nasty grey in color. I can only imagine the water they were stewing in was a smorgasbord of bacteria, flaking flesh, and zombie goo. I loved out that our survivors chose supplies over the potential infectious material they were diving into. Once again, ew.

We have a hint to Gabriel’s recent history with the appearance of a female zombie wearing glasses. As she approached the survivors in the zombie stew, Gabriel tried to flee and then pretty much offered himself up as a sacrifice. With his arms outstretched, it was almost like he was imitating Christ on the cross. Interesting symbology.

walking-dead-season-5-judith-rickLater that night, everyone is kicking back, drinking the preacher’s wine and eating the spoils of their looting trip. Abraham shows us how dedicated he is to getting Eugene to DC. His stirring speech actually felt like it came from the heart. I loved Rick’s response.

Finally, poor Bob. Bob goes out into the woods for a quiet cry, is knocked out by an unseen assailant, and has his leg amputated to feed the survivors of Terminus. Gareth speeches shows him for the psychopath he really is.


Who is the bigger villian in your opinion? Is it Gareth or the Governor?

You can check out a sneak peek to episode 503 as well as some additional videos at the end of this article.

Just a special aside: The Walking Dead pulled in more than 15 million viewers, exceeding NFL football this past Sunday. It’s amazing that a zombie series can pull in so many viewers. Amazing achievement!

I’d like to end this article with one statement:



For those who know the comic, do you think we are in for a tainted meat moment?

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