While not horror, ‘Monsters & Mysteries’ reminds me why the supernatural is horror


Usually for me, there is a huge difference between horror media and the supernatural. Especially television shows about the supernatural. While I do believe in the supernatural, I have a really hard time believing some of the shows that hunt for ghosts or creatures. Don’t get me wrong. I can sit for hours and watch marathons of these shows. I love learning what is scary and what our nation’s legends are.

Tonight, I checked out Monsters & Mysteries on Destination America, and I found myself more than a little creeped out. A special edition of the show (titled Monsters & Mysteries: The Blackburn Files) was shown on September 12, 2014 and was hosted by Lyle Blackburn. Here is some information about the show in general and the supernatural cases specifically:

MV5BMTgyNjMwNjkwNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDczMTUyOQ@@._V1_SY317_CR20,0,214,317_AL_Across America, unidentified creatures have plunged entire towns into fear and shrouded the community in mystery. In this special, anthology edition of Monsters & Mysteries, crypto-zoologist Lyle Blackburn is out to prove these monstrosities are more than just nightmares.

Stories featured are:

  • Lake Worth Monster – In the summer of 1969, young couples in Texas’ sleepy Lake Worth community were attacked by an aggressive, horned, hybrid monster that was half man, half goat. Though many thought the creature had disappeared, two decades later the encounters continue.
  • Rake – After two 12-year-old girls recently carried out a brutal attack in the name of Slenderman, a shadowy internet-born character, the story became an instant media sensation. Who or what is this dark collector of young souls? The legend is actually quite old and continues to make its way into contemporary account. Kerrie Fargiorgio recalls her encounter with the faceless nocturnal predator also known as “The Rake.
  • Beast of Bray Road – Bar manager Lori Endrizzi will never forget the night she was driving down one of Wisconsin’s most infamous roads and came face-to-face with the half-man, half-wolf beast known as “the Beast of Bray Road.”

What sets this show apart for me is that there seems to be less of a focus on hunting the unknown at night, using infrared. Instead, there is more of a focus on interviews, research, and re-enactments. In this episode, there was one thing that really caught my interest.

The second supernatural entity that was being discussed was the Slenderman. For some reason, that name has popped up in my house during the last few weeks. Other children at daycare told my daughter about the killer of children. While I have a healthy dose of skepticism, I was intrigued enough to follow the segment. Then, I was creeped out. The story of the Slenderman was merged with the story of The Rake. The description of this creature (provided by a witness in Erie, PA) came really, really close to something I witnessed. You don’t have to believe me, but it was enough to make chills run up my back. That sensation is one of the reasons why I love this stuff.

I think I’m going to keep watching this show.  You can watch the Jersey Devil segment here:

You can learn more about Monsters & Mysteries at DestinationAmerica.com.


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