SDCC14: Survive the apocalypse with our team on a real life ‘Last Ship’ at the TNT party


lyth-sdcc-logo-585-narrowerNothing says fun quite like a party and no party can sound more exciting than one themed to replicate a TV show, held on top of the USS Midway – a decommissioned aircraft carrier – docked in the San Diego bay. Epic enough?

IMAG0341-1Our team was given press access to one of the most talked about after hours events at this year’s convention. We were told to show up at the USS Midway, now a museum ship docked about a mile and a half away from the San Diego Convention Center, where we would pick up our press badges and be transported into to the world of TNT’s “The Last Ship”.

We weren’t disappointed. After obtaining our press badges, themselves being directly inspired by the show with a certain “special scientific lab access” feel to them, we were lead to the ship’s interior deck. We walked through themed decorations and footage from the show, adding a true “Last Ship” feel to the environment and enhancing our sense of immersion. The deck itself housed dozens of pieces of retired aircraft, many filled with excited party goers exploring the old equipment and taking photos, all surrounded by more decorations.

Our first stop was the laser maze, an indoor laser tag experience. Groups of brave souls were sent into its depths to eliminate targets to ensure the ship’s safety. But evil lurked among us, as some of our team members turned against us in an effort to take us out. Thwarting both our traitors and the targets in the maze was no easy task, but we emerged victorious knowing that we helped save the Last Ship.

IMAG0365Soon after we headed to the top deck of the USS Midway, an impressive sight in its own right. Like the below deck, the USS Midway’s ship deck was covered in retired aircraft from the USS Midway’s heyday. Multiple “Loot Lounges” were set up on the deck offering The Last Ship themed specialty cocktails. A massive stage was erected at the center of the deck where Grammy Award winning band MGMT would play a concert for all of those invited onto the Last Ship.

Their performance was both impressive and fitting – calm at times and heavy at others, alternating between moods and transporting those in attendance into a whole new world. Fog machines helped to further the eerie feel and CraveOnline staff members walked around handing out blinking wristbands and mini foam noodles with “rave lights” built into the center.

Many celebrities were in attendance as well and could be found mingling with guests or dancing to the music on the VIP stage. These celebrities included Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries), Paul Wesley (Vampire Diaries), Nathan Fillion (Castle), Skrillex (musician), Travis Van Winkle (The Last Ship), Julie Benz (Defiance), Grant Bowler (Defiance), David Anders (Once Upon a Time), Keahu Kahuaniui (Teen Wolf), and many more.

It was an incredible night. From the decorations immersing us into the world to the incredible performance from MGMT, TNT and CraveOnline managed to help bring fans into an otherwise fictional world… and that is no easy task.

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