The second Bizarre AC horror convention is heading our way! What can we expect?


The second ever Bizarre AC horror convention is only about a month away, and they are making announcements left and right about what is coming our way. So, the question remains: what is coming our way?


Bizarre AC is Atlantic City, NJ’s first and ONLY horror convention and trade show. As with the first con in December 2013, the horror convention will return to the Tropican Hotel and Resort on June 13th to the 15th. If any of you read my summary of the first show, it’s fun, creepy, and full of interesting and unique vendors/events. 

To get a more thorough picture, take a look the convention description that is listed on the official website (

In December monsters, zombies, ghouls, freaks and goblins sunk their teeth into Atlantic City, and now they hunger for more. The weird, the odd, the BIZARRE, Return to the Tropicana June 13th thru the 15th for a weekend of entertainment, education, commerce and camaraderie as we celebrate all things horror, paranormal  and beyond  at the jersey shore.

This spring Bizarre AC II brings back the strange and curious for an entertaining weekend at the Tropicana Casino and Resort.  Featuring a variety of interactive components, a Bizarre cast of characters along with some of the most entertaining and outlandish band of misfits ever to set foot in our seaside city.   Now in its 2nd run, show producers have created a variety of off the wall antics and experiences for show goers of all ages.  The hours will fly by for attendees as they walk and shop the unique exhibitors of the Bizarre Bazaar.  Fans will be in a state of shock and amazement as freaks and geeks from around the globe command the stage.  Horror movie aficionados can take part in movie screenings complete with Q&A’s and the chance to delve into the minds of some up-and-coming film-makers.  Bizarre AC II will also play host to special celebrity guests and speakers from movies and tv.

You should also check out the trailer and promo for this summer’s con:

So who is all going to be in attendance from the horror community? So far, we have a Lost Boys reunion, a Hellraiser reunion, Chip Coffey, the unfortunately subjects of The Human Centipede, Ken Foree, cast of Dawn of the Dead, cast of People under the Stairs, some folks involved with the Friday the 13th chain, and so many more (once again, you need to check out the website at

What else? There will be a variety of vendors in the Bizarre Bazaar and screenings galore. Added on top of that, there are some special activities for the true horror afficiondo (from the convention’s official Facebook page):

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen our friends GRIN, Karnage the demented klown & others, you know they love fun and fear all in the same.

We’re proud to introduce THE BLOODSHED, a horrifying, interactive psychological experience that will be running for the duration of Bizarre AC II. Get strapped in and see how long you can last in the dark.


How long do you think you can last?

So what do you all think? I have my tickets and my hotel reservation. How many of you want to come along for the fun and the terror? Comment here if you are going to attend!


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