Episode 14 of Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’: The Grove brings us a new facet of horror


This episode brings us back to Carol, Tyreese, and the three children as they are walking down the train tracks toward Terminus.

OK, I just want to say that I think the older girl is one complete sociopath. She’s got a screw loose. While this isn’t anything that was evident in the beginning of this episode, it is a lasting impression I have developed over the last 6 or so episodes. I believe she is the one who was cutting up rabbits and rats. Added to that, you have her almost smothering baby asskicker.

Oddly enough, the two little girls had a little conversation that confirmed by belief about the dead rabbit.

The-Walking-Dead-4x14Lizzie is sitting with Tyreese and Judith when another walker approaches. Tyreese goes to eliminate it, but Lizzie stops him. It was down on the tracks, with its legs broken. Meanwhile, Carol is walking with Mika. Carol is trying to toughen up the little girl. The little one shows some amazing aptitude for reading people, including a solid belief that she would never be able to kill a living person. She wasn’t able to fire on the Governor’s folks and she never would be able to. Carol is not a fan.

The team find a fenced yard with pecans and deer. Lizzie sees a column of smoke rising in the distance, but the group decides to check out the house and buckle down. Carol and Tyreese go inside to clear the house and a walker comes tumbling out at the three little girls (right after Lizzie tries to convince Mika that the walkers are just like us). Mika puts the walker down with a bullet to the skull. She is the stronger of the two sisters.

The group settles in for a nice evening, with a fire and some well deserved rest.


Carol is boiling some water and sees Lizzie outside playing tag with a walker. Carol rushes out and kills the walker. And the psychotic break begins. Lizzie completely loses her shit.

Later, Carol takes Mika out hunting, once again trying to toughen up the little girl. When they see a deer, Carol encourages Mika to take her shot. Mika won’t. She’s a tenderhearted girl. Once Carol returns to the camp, Tyreese and Carol have a conversation about staying at this house versus continuing on to Terminus.

The-Walking-Dead.4x14-PromoMika follows Lizzie out into the woods where Lizzie is feeding the broken legged walker live mice. Lizzie is considering joining the dead, when a group of smoldering dead come marching through the woods. Mika gets stuck in the barbed wire, and Lizzie pulls her free in the nick of time. All of the group pull out guns and in true zombie apocalypse survivor mindset, put all of the walkers down in the dirt to stay.

Uh oh. Tyreese is having a heart to heart with Carol about missing his lost love. You know, the one that Carol set on fire. Carol has a “Deer in the headlights” look on her face the whole time. Carol unburdens herself some, but she doesn’t come clean. They bond by hugging.

The duo is out hunting and chatting. They return to camp to find Lizzie with a bloody knife, Mika stretched out behind her, dead, dead, dead. Lizzie pulls a gun to make the adults wait for her sister to rise. This girl is so screwed up. Like padded room crazy.

Tyreese has cleaned out Lizzie’s room of weapons. He found her box of mice and he gets her to admit to torturing the rats and feeding the walkers. Tyreese debates if Lizzie was the one to kill David and his girlfriend, but Carol talks him out of that logic. Carol is convinced that they need to separate to protect baby Judith from the young psycho.


Carol takes Lizzie for a walk to pick flowers for Mika when she returns. Carol puts one round into the back of Lizzie’s skull, ending her painful life.

Graves are dug, and bodies are buried. This is a sad farewell to two sweet, yet tormented, girls from the prison.

That night, Carol admits to Tyreese that she is the one who killed Karen and David back at the prison and burnt their bodies. She slides him her pistol so that he can do whatever he needs to do. Tyreese forgives her, but he will never forget what she did. With all that has happened and all that has been revealed, the trio set back out on the road. This is the first time in TWD history where the survivors aren’t chased out of a ‘home’ by walkers or other survivors. Instead, it is their own pain that forces them to leave.

Wow, this was a hell of an episode. There are quite a few new topics covered in this episode. Adding in the disturbed child topic was insane, but if you read the comics, you knew this was covered. The only difference was that there were two brothers and the adults weren’t Carol and Tyreese (I believe it was Dale and Andrea….). Lizzie inability to process what the zombies are presents the survivors with a new threat: the pure lack of mental capacity or maturity to deal with the horrific state of the world. Be it from her father’s passing or events prior to our introduction to her and her sister, there are issues in her mind that are preventing her from facing what the walkers are.

There has to be some significance to the fact that this is the first sanctuary survivors fled due to mental trauma and sadness rather than being forced out by the living dead or other hungry survivors.

So what do you all think? How do you think the events of tonight will effect Tyreese and Carol? Will they be able to grow as people after the tragedies they have witnessed? Or will Carol’s murders eventually drive them apart?

Let me know here!

You can find a sneak peek and a trailer for the next episode here:


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