A large new look at the Quidditch World Cup from JK Rowling


jkWell, there goes my reading plans for the weekend. Jo has added an apparently substantial amount of new material about the Quidditch World Cup over at Pottermore. The first half of what most news sites are referring to as an essay is free online for people with Pottermore accounts, and the second part will arrive next Friday. Again, this sounds like a much longer piece of history as opposed to new fiction, and i09 says there’s about 2,400 words of new content though it’s unclear whether that number is just this first part or the enter article. And why can’t I verify any of these things? Because as usual with lots of new content, Pottermore’s pretty much inaccessible. But if you’d like to join me in refreshing the page, head on over. We’ve all done this drill before, and I bet by Monday, we’ll all have a chance to get another short glimpse into the wizarding world.



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