Episode 13 of Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’: Alone introduces us to a new concept


Well, this episode has shown us a variety of different thought processes behind survival and how to survive. I’m going to do my usual. I’ll do a run through of the episode and then I’ll wrap it up with some thoughts or questions.


This episode starts a flash back of how Bob came to arrive at the prison. This is followed with the scene that we have all been waiting to see: the trio of Sasha, Maggie, and Bob facing off against walkers in the fog. This is an entirely creepy scene as the dimly seen dead reach out to the survivors. While they have a close call with Bob almost being bit, the trio makes it out fine.

Sasha, Maggie, and Bob disagree on how they are going to continue surviving. Maggie wants to go toward Terminus (the signs that all of the survivors except for Daryl and Beth are following) thinking that Glenn would do the same. Sasha disagrees and believes that it is better for them to just find a way to survive. Maggie heads out on her own, but Bob convinces Sasha to go after her.

After a near miss with a walker and an animal trap, Beth and Daryl make their way to a funeral home, where it seems that they find a safe house for the moment. Oddly enough, it seems that the funeral home has been maintained and the stash of food has no dust. Someone has been cleaning and taking care of the place. The food choices are odd, or as Daryl says “The perfect redneck lunch”.

Daryl and Beth are interrupted in their pig’s feet, peanut butter, and diet cola meal by a one eyed dog, who runs away.

TWD_413_GP_1030_0170-610x405For the first time that I can remember, Daryl makes a complete tactical error by opening the door for the dog later, but he doesn’t look outside first. It’s a swarm of the walking dead. They invade the funeral home, forcing Daryl to kill a bunch of them. Beth flees the house, but she is picked up by a car. Daryl watches the tail lights fade into the night.

Maggie is using zombie blood as sign paint.

Daryl runs down a lonely, leaf covered road, searching for Beth (who is one of the only good people he knows). I think Daryl might have some additional feelings for Beth.

Bob goes in for a kiss when Sasha balks at continuing after Maggie. Wouldn’t everyone’s breath be fairly ripe after this amount of time? I guess that everyone would have equally bad breath, but it still might gag a maggot. Bob continues on his own, on a lonely trek to find Maggie.

Sasha decides to hole up in an abandoned warehouse. She seems to be having some issues with being exposed and on the road. She wants to hunker down. As she scopes out the area, she sees Maggie lying between the bodies of two walkers. As Sasha pushes on the window, it topples out of the frame and smashes, alerting all of the dead. Sasha runs out to find Maggie but finds herself surrounded.

the-walking-dead-alone-bob-stookey-199x300 (1)

Sasha and Maggie take out a small group of walkers. Maggie is swinging a road sign while Sasha is using a big stick. The duo set off after Bob, and they do catch up to him.

Daryl finds himself surrounded by the same group of survivors who had Rick, Carl, and Michonne on the run (not that he would know that). Their leader, Joe, seems to be of the same stripe as Merle (Why hurt yourself when you can hurt others?). Looks like Daryl has been accepted into the group.

Glenn finds a Terminus sign.

Overall, I thought this was a really great episode. I am still really digging the separate story lines, with all of the stories lining up for a potential reunion or maybe more issues for our survivors. Daryl’s inclusion with the raiders can only bring more grief to Daryl and the other survivors. While Daryl may only be faking his acceptance into their group, there is always the potential that his actions will create more grief.

What do you think of everyone’s decision to head toward Terminus? With lack of definitive information as to the validity of the sanctuary status (it’s hard to judge the truthfulness of a sign)? It seems to me that all of the survivors are putting a lot of store in a thing called hope.

I’m thinking that is what this season seems to be more about. Hershel introduced us and his fellow survivors to hope. This was a topic discussed on Talking Dead, but I thought it was worthwhile to discuss it. Since Hershel’s death, it seems that those closest to him are now carrying the torch of hope. If you think about it, the only think that could make a person survive an apocalypse is drive. That drive can only be enforced by hope. Hope to survive, hope to flourish, hope to find a normal life…

So who do you all think was in the car that took Beth? Will Daryl ever find her again?

Below you will see some sneak peeks for next week’s episode. Only a few more weeks to go folks. I’m one who is not looking forward to the end of the season.



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