Episode 12 of Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’: Still


The zombie apocalypse is back for another week of walkers, survivors, and a dead world. Let’s leap into a summary of tonight’s episode and chat about the high points.

Daryl in all of his badassery is back in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Beth and Daryl are on the run in the woods and find a car on a back road. Daryl and Beth hide in the truck when a herd of walker’s appear. Daryl ties the back of the trunk closed and the walkers continuously hit or grab at the trunk, trying to gain entry.


Come the morning, the walkers are gone and the duo loot what they can from the car, putting together a kit of pure survival tools. Hubcaps on a line make an early warning system for walkers, and broken glass works to make fires. Rattlesnake makes for some good eating (oddly enough, I would try that).

Beth is trying to convince Daryl that she needs some alcohol (she’s never had any), but Daryl never answers her. He just continues to gnaw away at his snake. Beth goes off on her own and runs into some walkers. She leads them off, but Daryl is shadowing her. They have a slight argument where Beth is convinced that this life of living in a lean-to, eating snakes, might not be all what life should be. She wants a drink, dammit.

The pair hikes to a nearby community and enter a store where some thoughtful folks hung themselves from the rafters to come back as undead pinatas. While Beth finds a spoon, Daryl is looting money and jewelry. Another group of walkers arrives, knocking on the door. Daryl and Beth scurry deeper into the building to hide. Beth finds her booze in a room full of meat hooks and a roaming walker. She wastes her booze by bashing it’s head in. It seems that all of the folks who holed up in this building had killed themselves.

6a6a851ff26feb6e1c85f053b320d418TWD412GP09190122-1393354117Daryl continues to loot. I’m not sure why he is interested in money when all the world has gone down the crapper. They also find a corpse with a sign nailed onto it: “Rich Bitch”. As they leave, a grandfather clock sounds, alerting walkers. Daryl takes on the walker beats the living carp out of the last one. The new clothes that Beth had picked up are gore soaked by Daryl’s excessive kill. Then, they find the bar.

As Beth sits down with a bottle of Peach Schnapps, she bursts into tears. Daryl smashes the bottle (in all honesty, who wants their first drink to be peach schnapps?). The pair leaves, and Daryl introduces Beth to her first moonshine still. If you are going to get hammered, you might as well do it the redneck way. It also seems that Beth is trying her hardest to get Daryl to drink as well.

Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Beth starts a drinking game and we learn really quick that Daryl does not handle liquor well and does not do well when questioned about his shady past. The two of them end up having a complete break down where they come to terms with what they have lost. Daryl is completely torn up about Hershel. We see that Daryl does have feelings in regards to their friends after all.

Beth and Daryl talk about who they were and who they are. They have a deep conversation that highlights in the duo pouring good moonshine through the cabin and lighting it on fire. Just because. Beth and Daryl flip off the house in the last great act of defiance.

I had a weird feeling that Beth was trying to seduce Daryl. With the whole drinks and games motto, it seemed like a little romance might be in the air. Instead, Beth was trying to get Daryl to let go of some of the dark spirits from his past. I found it interesting that Beth chose this method to help Daryl exorcise his demons. Moonshine and burning down a rundown cabin in the woods. I guess this is a way for Daryl to come to terms with who he was and what a different man he is now.

So, I did some looking around and I saw that quite a few people were not happy with this episode. Why is that? I thought this episode was a fairly insightful look at one of the fan favorites as well as a look at the interactions between these two survivors. The walkers and the landscape also provided us with another facet of the zombie apocalypse where survivors either kill themselves or hang others as macabre decorations.

Overall, I thought this was a decent episode. Plenty of inventive kills plus a great deal of character development. The trend of following separate groups of survivors is paying off. We are able to learn more about each individual (or a few of the survivors) at one time rather than having a large group to sort through. What do you think?


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