Yub, yub Commander! And goodbye Aaron Allston


aaron2013Writer Aaron Allston died of a heart attack yesterday on his way to VisionCon. He was 53. Best known for his work in the Star Wars EU and probably best known even there for his amazing X-wing novels, Allston is going to be sorely missed. He, Timothy Zahn, and Mike Stackpole were a well known team at many conventions, and the playful humor he’d infused his books with was always apparent in real life.

On a personal note, I’m still in a bit of shock. I literally was telling a story about Aaron yesterday, and a few days before that, surfing the internet looking for any projects he might be doing while the EU’s up in the air. It would be easy and very true to just say he was an amazing writer, but he was also an amazing person who joined in our love for Star Wars as a fellow fan as well as a professional. I encourage all of his readers to leave a comment on his Facebook in honor of a fallen Rogue Leader. Requiescat in pace.




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