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When I decided based on early reviews to make Disney’s newest movie, Frozen, my kids first movie in the theater, I had no idea the magnitude of the door I opened. While I’ve nothing against the many Disney movies, I wasn’t one of the kids who was wildly hooked on them. Most of my favorites were live action, although Beauty and Beast, Lion King, and Mulan were and remain very close to my heart. Honestly, I think seeing Star Wars very young changed my expectations of what a movie should be…of course Star Wars IS Disney now so I guess from a certain point of view, I am a Disney kid…aannd let’s stop that train of thought before it starts hurting!

At some point in the dark of the theater, I realized that Frozen was substantially more than a cute, harmless movie I felt was appropriate for my kids’ ages. In reality, it was the best piece of storytelling, movie or book, I’d seen in ages. While it evoked memories of the first time I saw Beauty and the Beast in theaters as a very small child, the magic of Frozen is much deeper and more profound than any other film I know. Because I feel very comfortable allowing my kids to obsess over this movie- alright, fine, I obsess a bit too – much like I did Star Wars as a small child, I’m pretty sure we listen to the soundtrack at least one a day. Because the crowning jewel of Frozen is, of course, ‘Let It Go.’

Yesterday in celebration of the film’s digital releases, many people joined in a national sing along of ‘Let It Go,’ and the results are stirring, heartwarming, and joyous. This morning I found that the main video had been posted to YouTube, and if you missed it yesterday, you’re definitely going to want to check it out. And mostly because I could and because everyone needs this song embedded in their subconscious, here are several other variations this hit song has spawned.

The GMA sing along video:

The funny versions:

The cute version:

The gorgeous versions:

And of course the original version:


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