Episode 11 of Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’: Claimed ratchets up the tension


It’s a biter-fest onĀ The Walking Dead! Let’s get right into it.

abraham-eugene-rosita-the-walking-dead-season-4-amcTara is traveling with Sgt. Abraham and his crew. As they reach their destination, three walkers approach the rear of the convoy. Abraham stops Tara from discharging her gun and takes them on with melee weapons. Tara observes that Abraham smiled the entire time he was killing the walkers. It seemed like he was definitely pulling in some enjoyment from silencing the walking dead.

Carl and Michonne are enjoying an entertaining moment at breakfast that abruptly ends when Judith’s name comes up. Rick and Michonne chat and start to figure out their next steps. Michonne and Carl are going for more supplies, while Rick is instructed by Michonne to relax another day. It is almost amazing to see Rick lay down with a book and just relax. He has been such the point man since the series began. Even when he decided to farm, he was still the first person to respond to any emergency.


Michonne is trying so hard to make Carl smile. Michonne and spray cheese is a classic combination.

The more we see Michonne on screen, the more she seems to be opening up about her past. She has finally discussed her family with someone (even if it is Carl). She brought up her son.

Rick wakes from a dream to hear voices and a man screaming. Is it real or is it in his mind?

Nope, it’s real. Rick is hiding under a bed while on of these other men is searching the upstairs of the house. Voices are still emanating from below. The searches lies down on the bed that Rick is hiding under.

While Carl pries as much information out of Michonne about her son, he gives her a wrapped picture he finds. When Michonne opens it, it is covered in bloody stripes and slashes. Truly some twisted art that sends up the red flags in Michonnes. She starts to clear the other rooms and finds a small child’s play room and then a bed room. In the room are the bodies of a family. It looks like a mother, father, and three children.

Rick is still hiding under the bed when another of the raiders comes into the room, wanting the bed for himself. The two get into a fight and fall to the floor. The man on the bottom sees Rick but is choked out by the other man, who claims the bed. Overall, a pretty tense scene.

ku-xlargeGlenn wakes up in the bed of Abraham’s truck with Tara tending to him. Glenn forces the truck to stop and we have the unveiling of Abraham’s crew, including old Mr. Eugene (if you have read the comic, you know why I’m being a little sarky about Eugene). It is also revealed that the trio are on a mission to save the human raise since Eugene knows what caused the zombie apocalypse.

Abraham and Glenn get into start fighting each others, attracting a large group of walkers. Eugene gets the ball rolling, shooting up some walkers and their own method of transportation. Fuel is pouring out.

Rick crawls out from under the occupied bed. Rick takes one of the raiders by surprise in the bathroom, strangling him with the strap to a submachine gun. I’m not entirely sure, but these guys might be wearing colors. They do have some impressive fire power. Rick escapes out of the window.


Back at the truck, it is evident that Eugene has killed the truck. Glenn and Tara take off on foot to get back to the bus to see if there is any sign of Maggie. The others follow after. I think it would be wise to forgo trusting a man with a mullet with a machine gun. I don’t think I’d trust Eugene with a BB gun.

And then shit got real. One of the raiders is on the porch when Rick sees Michonne and Carl walking up to the house. If you watch ‘Sons of Anarchy’, you will recognize the raider as Mayor Jacob Hale. One of the gang must have reanimated, for gunshots broke out indoors. Rick and crew take off in the confusion.

Rick, Carl, and Michonne are walking on the train tracks and find a sign similar to the one that Carol and Tyreese found, directing them to safety.

Well, I have to say that I really, really enjoyed this episode. There was such a high level of tension throughout the entire episode. It seemed to more than just a recap of a survival story, but a precursor to bigger things.

For those of you out there like me who have read the comics, we all need to shush. While the show hasn’t entirely shadowed the comics, it has been close enough to hit the majority of high points. With that said, we all know where this story line is heading, but we need to watch everyone else react to what is coming (unless Kirkman decides to violate the existing plot and create a complete mind twist).

So what did you think about the other group of raiders? I have posed this question to people before, but do you think it is a realistic expectation that humans will feed off other humans rather than working together?

Here’s to the next episode!!


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