‘The Commune’ brings a realistic, all too real feel to horror



During my failed attempt at 31 movie reviews in 31 days for October, I had the opportunity to chat with Elisabeth Fies who offered to help out with a review. She also sent me some promotional items and a copy of her film: The Commune. I did some research to see what the movie was all about, and I have to say I was intrigued.

When Jenny Cross has to spend summer vacation with her deadbeat dad in his creepy commune, she thinks clean living and boredom will kill her. But some fates are worse than death…

Boldly original and genre-bending, The Commune is an emotionally unnerving “ripped from the headlines” story. The setting is a New Age cult where adults behave like kids, boundaries are inappropriate, and narcissism reigns supreme. (from the movie cover).

Now, if there ever was a movie to actually creep me out about communes, this would be it. While there has and always will be a “strange” stigmata attached to the very concept of communes, this film introduces us to an exceptional strange take on the typical, vegan, peace, and simplicity based hippie communities (none of that is meant to be disparaging to communes or hippies, just stating the typical thoughts).


Throughout the film, the folks living in the commune give off some to strangest vibes. The strangest of all are our lead girl’s separated parents. Jennifer’s mother seems to not care at all about Jennifer now that the daughter is living with the estranged husband (the leader of the commune). The mother is living a life of the single person with no responsibilities. The father is even more strange with his hippie/cultist lover and his strange obsession with his daughter’s social life. It was creepy and then started to become even more creepier.

I am referring to The Commune as a film and not a movie. There was some amazing cinematography. The camera direction was simply amazing with shots that created more of a focus on the times and place. This isn’t your typical shock-and-awe horror movie, This film has a well laid out plot and interesting characterization. It isn’t your typical blood and guts horror movie either. It focuses on a true, real horror that is twisted in the end.

I really don’t want to dig too deep into The Commune because I really don’t want to spoil it. It was such an interesting and different experience, I don’t want to sully it by my run down.

I enjoyed this film. Elisabeth Fies was the writer, director, and also one of the producers. I was thoroughly impressed and I am extremely excited to see what else Elisabeth will bring to the screen! You can see the trailer for the film below:


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