This week’s roundup of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ news


The more I see about the new Star Wars Rebels show, the better it sounds. Although I have been accused of reading/watching/playing anything that has the words Star Wars on it, that’s only mostly true. I think I saw a grand total of five episodes of Clone Wars plus the theatrical movie. In addition to having instant, strong, negative feelings about Anakin being called “Sky Guy,” I’ve just never enjoyed the Prequel Era that much. I know that technically Rebels falls in that era as it takes place prior to A New Hope, but more and more I’m starting to get a real OT vibe from this show. As of now, I’m officially excited for this show, so I rounded up all the different clips that came out this week.

First are two “trailers” which are mostly the same material:

And then there are some truly well done character introduction videos:


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