Thanks to ‘Game of Thrones’ more beloved books are being adapted for TV


What will you watch when Game of Thrones is over? Well, there are several more well known fantasy and science fiction books in development for television.

91Hx5ImdhzLFirst up is John Scalzi’s Redshirts. Honestly, this was just a matter of time given the fact that the book is basically based on a tv show and structured as a tv show. And of the three, it’s the one most likely to be a big hit. It ought to translate to film very smoothly and should fit the bill of being thoughtful and funny at the same time. I also like the fact that the producers are very clear about it being more of a mini series than a full blown show. Here’s the pertinent details from‘s article.

John Scalzi’s 2012 comedic sci-fi novel Redshirts is headed to the small screen. FX has teamed with veteran feature producer Jon Shestack (Dan In Real Life) and producer-director Ken Kwapis (Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants) and his partner Alexandra Beattie to develop a limited series based on the book, which won the 2013 Hugo Award. Search is underway for writers to pen the adaption, with Kwapis set to direct the opening episode. He, Shestack and Beattie executive produce.

AmericanGods_MassMarketPaperback_1185415388Two of Neil Gaiman’s novels are being produced. For a while, HBO was considering doing something with American Gods, but nothing come to fruition there. However, the rights were picked back up, and it sounds like exciting things are in the works for both American Gods and Anansi Boys. I’m still hoping for a Good Omens mini series sometime, but these ought to tide me over. Here’s what Gaiman himself had to say about both:

Let’s see: there’s news, as I said in the header. AMERICAN GODS is now being developed for TV by Freemantle Media. As to where you will be able to see it, who is going to be in it, who will be writing or show-running, none of these things have yet been settled. But it already looks like it’s going to be a smoother run developing it than it had at HBO, so I am very pleased….

Anansi_BoysOther TV news also came to fruition today, although I do not have anywhere to link you to, so you will have to take my word for it: Anansi Boys is going to be made into a TV miniseries in the UK, by RED, for the BBC.

Yes, I’m really thrilled about both of these things. Freemantle has the harder task, as they are going to have to open up American Gods into something bigger than the book.

Red are just going to have to make an absolutely brilliant faithful version of Anansi Boys.

28818And probably the project we’ll have to wait the longest for, MTV is developing some of Terry Brooks’ Shannara series for TV. This is the one I’m most excited about personally since I’m a huge fan of the Shannara books. I think starting with Elfstones is an excellent move since it gets them away from the Lord of the Rings overtones Sword can suffer from but still leaves them a great deal of material to work with. I’m hoping they can capture about the same look and tone of the much missed (be me anyway) Legend of the Seeker. Here’s the confirmed details according to Terry Brooks:
You cannot imagine how difficult it has been waiting for this morning’s announcement about the endeavor to turn the Shannara books into a TV series, starting with Elfstones of Shannara. Really, it has been very hard not to talk about it. I’ve known about the particulars of this effort for some time. I’m very excited about Miles Millar and Al Gough writing and Jon Favreau directing. I am also very excited about MTV’s strong passion for the project and I am very confident they will be a great home for it.

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