First trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy…how long do we have to wait for this?


The most common comments I’ve seen around the internet in regards to the new Marvel chapter, Guardians of the Galaxy, are about whether or not non-comics readers will like it. After all, people reason, a gun toating raccoon and semi talking tree in space isn’t nearly as grounded and accessible as something like Iron Man. Well, the first trailer dropped last night. And to all those worried about the success of this movie, this non comic literate person would like to say; have you seen Star Wars? Odd sidekicks go with the territory, space and space ships are supposed to be out of this world, and none of us is going to pass up a good new space opera. Marvel has proven over and over that they are the master of a good blockbuster. Watching them handle the wonder and wackiness of a galactic adventure will be a joy.


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