Season 4, Episode 10 “Inmates” follows the trails and trials of survivors after the fall of the prison


It’s the second installment of the second half of Season 4 of The Walking Dead, and it’s time to jump into the episode. Who will we be following this week? Let’s summarize and discuss.

The-Walking-Dead-4x10The episode starts out with Beth doing a narration concerning survival (prior to their evacuation from the prison, as she is reading from a diary). Beth is on the run with Daryl Dixon in tow. Looks like we are watching the path of everyone’s favorite redneck and the farmer’s daughter.

One thing you have to wonder off the bat: how did the death of Hershel affect the duo? He was Beth’s Dad and also the soul of the survivors. Daryl obviously respected Hershel. There has to be an added stress to their already emotionally-drained existence.


Beth attempts to convince Daryl to help her find other survivors of the prison attack. Daryl does not seem to be supporting the notion, but he ends up following Beth out of their temporary camp. Daryl is trying to find sign of survivors and comes upon some tracks. The duo come upon two walker’s bodies, but also signs of a large number of zombies. A walker attacks Beth, but Daryl pulls it off of her. Beth delivers the finishing stroke.

They find the other survivors. A group of walkers are eating the remains of a few survivors. Not much remains to distinguish who these survivors were (were they of the faceless group from Woodbury or were they folks who were a lot closer to our survivors?)

We have more survivors to follow! We have Tyreese, baby Judith (who we all thought was zombie chow), and the two little girls from the prison. You know, the little girl who was naming the zombies and I personally believe was feeding them rats.

It’s night and the group are trying to settle down when Baby Asskicker starts crying. They have to run since they hear movement. The group is walking the next day and find a berry patch. The baby starts to cry again while the little girls pick some berries. All of them are terrified when they hear noise in the bushes. Micah takes off running when they hear a noise. They find her and they join up again. It seems like Lizzie has a bit of an attitude while Micah is a little bit more afraid.

the-walking-dead-season-4-isolation-carol-recapThe group hears some screaming in the distance. Tyreese sets the girls up to protect themselves so he can check it out. Seems like Tyreese comes upon the same group that Daryl and Beth find later. Baby Judith is crying again with the girls. Lizzie covers her mouth (I’m not liking this). Lizzie is in a sort of trance of funk while Micah is seeing some walkers approach.

Tyreese is not able to save the other survivors. As he kills the last one of the walkers, he hears his name. It is Carol with the girls. At least Lizzie didn’t smother Judith.

I guess I missed the part that Tyreese was never informed that Carol burnt his girlfriend.

Carol comes up with a little lie about why she didn’t come back with Rick and the group finds a map that claims a safe zone.

As we return after the commercial break, we are following another group. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are taking a break at a stream. Sasha is bandaging a wound on Bob while Maggie is sharpening a knife on the rocks. Maggie is adamant about leaving to find Glenn against Sasha’s better judgement. Bob and Sasha have a philosophical debate about the morality of survival when they come across the abandoned bus that carried the majority of survivors and Glenn. It’s full of walkers now.

Maggie really wants to know if Glenn is on board so the trio is going to let one walker out at a time (easier to manage the kills that way plus a fairly decent method to reducing risk). Unfortunately, the other two are not strong enough to hold the door against 10 or so walkers. The trio shot, stab, and smash the walkers into kibble. Maggie climbs into the blood strewn bus, trying to see what might be remaining of other survivors. She comes upon one other walker that is buried under other bodies. She moves the bodies out of the bus and the walker (which has the same hair and body build as Glenn) attacks her. She knifes it in the head and begins to cry/giggle like the damned.


Glenn comes to, lying on a walkway in the prison, directly above a herd of walkers. It seems like Glenn was left behind when the bus left (more than likely, Glenn left the bus to attempt to locate Maggie). Glenn is forced to enter the dark hallways of the prison which may or may not have been compromised by the walking dead. Glenn makes it back to the prison block and grabs his riot gear. Glenn also pillages what supplies he can from what was left behind by the others and makes his way out of the prison, wearing his gear. He pushes his way through the heard out out of the cell block. On his way out, he sees another survivor, Tara Chambler, who was one of the Governor’s latest posse.

A Molotov Cocktail makes one hell of a diversion.

Tara and Glenn make their escape. As they discuss their next steps and who is at fault for the attack, they are set upon by more of the undead. Glenn takes out a bunch but drops from weariness. Three more survivors pop up (if you are a fan of the graphic novel, you will recognize the trio). Hopefully, we will start seeing more of them in the next episodes and also I’m hoping we integrate Tara more into the group!

I appreciate how this weeks episode focused on such a wide cross section of the survivors without forcing everyone back together immediately. The enforced separation is another growth opportunity for our characters which could become the focus of the remainder of the season. This could be another opportunity for the show to expand beyond the scope of the graphic novel and allow for the fans to develop a closure relationship with the survivors, both old and new.

I also appreciate how the show has moved the direction of some of the characters like Bob and Daryl as compared to the graphic novels (especially since Mr. Dixon does not exist in the first 88 issues of the hit graphic novel-if he ever exists at all in the comic). This key development allows for the existing characters to grow in surprising ways that were never discussed in the comics. To me, that is one of the greatest things that this show offers. It doesn’t directly follow the plot of the comics, but it does hit all of the same high points. It’s intriguing to see what Kirkman and company decides is a high point.

As we have seen in the past, Kirkman is not afraid to kill off our favorite characters. Who do you think might be on the chopping block?

Also, what do you all think about how this season is following varying storylines rather than bringing the whole group back together for one group plot?

Below, you can see a teaser for the next episode of The Walking Dead:



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